Naming Devices

Does anyone have any suggestions on naming all their devices in smartthings. On several occasions when I try to use Alexa, I get the response “There are more than 1 devices using that name” type of response. Just wondering if someone came up with a nice fluid naming convention.

There are going to be a lot of opinions on this one. Here is how I do it:

I name every thing by Room - Device - (number)

For example I have an overhead living room light with four bulbs. Each bulb is called

Living Room Overhead 1
Living Room Overhead 2
Living Room Overhead 3
Living Room Overhead 4

This allows me to address things individually.

Thank you!

I use 2 letters and numbers…

Conservatory Lights
CL01, CL02…

Lounge Lights
LL01, LL02…

Hallway LIghts
HL01, HL02…

Kitchen Lights
KL01, KL02…

You get the idea…

I name them starting with numbers that match the room “ID”. It’s also a easy way to sort them in the ST app. For instance, all the misc devices are 0 so they appear top of the list. Next is the device type (s for switch or L for Light ETC.)


0S - Virtual Switch
1L - Kitchen Stove
1S - Kitchen cabinets
2TV - Living room TV