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Orbit Sprinkler Timer (Iris)

Orbit iris sprinkler: What is the latest firmware for these?
I have 2 at Current Version: 0x33002000

Hello, since this thread is now active again :slight_smile:

Summer is starting here and I am going to start using 2 Orbits I have that I bought a long time ago.

What is the latest firmware? Wondering if newer units work better with smarttings?

Looks like the one I bought this weekend still has the same firmware as yours.

The DTH from gguthrie or however you spell it works perfect.

I have these still hooked up to my Iris Hub and they show 34002000.


Thanks, you saved me from buying a new one in the hope of getting updated firmware!!

I have a RainWave 4-zone device that works very well, but is not ‘smart’.
It does have an input for a remote moisture sensor that is supposed to prevent it from watering if the ground is still moist enough.

I was considering coming up with something where, instead of the moisture sensor, I have a wire connected to something that gets weather forecasts and status - and turns it on/off on that basis.

But then I procured, for $50, a brand-new SkyDrop controller.
After the RainWave device gives out, which these things do eventually (though this has lasted well beyond the Melnor and other single-zone controllers I’ve owned), I will get new valves and hook it up.

What I don’t get is the need for backflow prevention. My inground sprinkler lines are all auto-draining; the moment pressure in the line decreases beyond X, the auto-drain valve in the line releases and all water drains out (the valves are at the lowest point in those lines). This also has the happy effect of eliminating freeze issues, so the lines only have to be a few inches below ground.

So there is no instance where there would be pressure forcing water back into the spigot, and even in the unusual circumstance of a siphon effect there would be no water in the lines to backflow. In essence, those auto-drain valves do the job of preventing backflow.

Yet the code for the system demands a backflow preventer.

I have created an updated dth for the Iris orbit faucet valve


Added commands to run for a specific duration (either via ST app, or webcore).

command is runfor(minutes) if using webcore. (By default the orbit runs for 10 minutes), this will keep it running longer. Sending off will cancel.

Thanks @E_Sch

I am trying it now.

If in the iPhone app I choose a time other than 10 minutes, let’s say 11 minutes and click on that tile.

The orbit opens, hear click, on the orbit itself it seems to start at 10 minutes and counts down.

Is that what I should be seeing?

How is setting times other than 10minuted supposed to work?

Thanks in advance!!

It is correct. The device handler will reset the timer before the 10 mins runs out if you requested a timed run.

If you look at IDE logs, you will see it count down. (now available in dth display if you update)

The latest dth will show time remaining in the ST device. Orbit does not provide documentation on how to have their display be set.

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Eric, thank you…good job

im using and it´s very good.

Do you have any smartapp to use with?

Thank you again

What do you want the smartapp to do?

It works with webcore, it likely would work with smart lighting (or other on/off type applications).

hi @E_Sch

i read your README. it references Orbit Model HT8-ZB. i did a google search for that product but it didn’t return anything. what obit timer is this DTH compatible with?

i’m new to this automation stuff. what does DTH stand for?


DTH means “Device Type Handler”. (DH means Device Handler.) Since not all devices are ‘SmartThings out-of-the-box capable’ of communicating directly with the SmartThings hub, a ‘Custom Code’ DTH can make such communication possible. That’s one of SmartThings advantages, apps and DTH’s that allow wider flexibility in such cases.

See the following links:
SmartThings Wiki - Acronyms
Custom Code - Device Types (Also called Device Handlers and Device Type Handlers

I think I can’t get it to work because I have the ADT hub which is on firmware version 000.020.00201. Should it work with this version of the firmware?

Not sure, you could try to factory reset the orbit, and re-pair it.

I tried that. It didn’t work. I happen to have my old v2 hub laying around so i paired the sprinkler to it and your dth works perfectly with it. So it has to be something with the ADT hub.

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New to this thread and was hoping for success with this device, but not luck yet.

I was able to pair the Orbit timer with my Connect Home hub (FW 000.020.00053) but I’m not seeing any messages coming from the device. I can’t get it to respond at all using either this DTH or the power outlet handlers. :frowning:

are you using the DTH Eric posted on June 9th? It works perfectly for me on the same connect pro, specially with WEBCORE combination.

Just picked one of these up at Lowes on clearance for $10. This DTH worked once I realized I had to spin the dial to auto… :roll_eyes: