Open garage door on return home? (UK)

I want to create a setup that triggers my garage door to open when I return home. My thoughts are for ifttt setup with my iPhone to trigger when I return to a radius from home and that to trigger a switch such as a fibaro for something like half a second with the switch wired in parallel with the garage door switch. The part I am missing is that I only want it to trigger when my car is not in the garage.

Any thoughts on this will be most appreciated.

That should be very easy to do, but there are three questions that we need to ask first. :sunglasses:

  1. What country are you win? The Device choices do vary somewhat.

  2. Which model of the smartthings hub are you using?

  3. what version of the SmartThings mobile app are you using, classic or “Samsung smartthings (connect)”? The rules engines and features are somewhat different, particularly in regard to presence.

I used this:

Then used webCoRE for the rule.

Cheap and easy. Don’t forget to use a coupon code.

Oh yeah, I am in the US and I use the Classic App.

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I’m in the UK with hubv2, I have both versions of the app on an iOS device

i have it for my bike, the bike has a pressence sensor on, and my bike + me coming home opens the door.
only down side is sometime the pressesnce sensor drops out and could triger the door to open, i have a fibaro dry contace dual relay set to a 0.5 pules (one switch open the other closes) and a contact sensor to let me know if its open or closed.

Thanks Mark. Sounds just what I am looking for, what presence sensor are you using?

modifyed smartthings zigbee pressenace sensor

Hi Guys,

Need some help plzz…

I have a roller shutter garage door that can be opened and closed using a small key remote or by pressing a button on control unit.

Any ideas how i can convert to work with smartthings using some sort of module??

I’ve taken a picture of the unit below:

It has 240v mains going in and then 4 wire going out the unit to the door motor. (uk wiring)

20190106_145505.jpg3024x4032 3.54 MB

Any ideas would be apreciated .


On the right hand side are the buttons for controlling the door manually, solder a wire to each side of the up and down micro switches and the wire them to a fibaro double switch or a relay.

To control you can then use an Alexa or similar. If you want to control from your car and you have internet in the car you could install an ech dot in the car.

Super ok, thank you.

The relay would need to be a push switch i think because when you press and release the buttons once the door goes all way up or down.
I think a relay would need to switch back
If that makes sense lol

That’s possible with the relay parameters

Thanks m8, ill have me a look at that