Garage door opening control

Need some advice, im build in control for my garge door, basicly open when i come home on motorbike. currently i have a smartthing sessor fitted to bike and presance on my mobile.

1st thought was open when bike sensor comes home, but i dont want my door to randomly open if the bikes presance sensor ‘drops out’

any ideas on what safe gards i can put in

I been playing with this over a year and there is always a fault, I ended not using it, it’s not funny getting the door open at 3AM… then the alarm turning all the lights, then a call from the monitoring company…

The presence sensor is slow too, you could do a rule when both, your phone and bike sensor arrive(together) it will open the door, but it will false open if you loose internet on your hub, when you loose internet the hub will put in away all the presence sensors…

I have 4 presence sensor, one in each car (2 cars) and one in each key chain (mine and wife), I had a rule to open the garage door when my keys and my car arrived, my wife’s cars stay in the driveway, the rule worked until I noticed the fail of internet and opening the door itself.

Maybe creating a rule that if mobile phone arrives and presence sensor arrives within 5 minutes then open the door but it could do the same problem as before, so I opted to not use it, it’s not secure. I don’t feel secure with the presence sensors, now I just have notifications, wife arrived, X car left, etc.

Maybe someone else has a better idea?

i was thinking only to do it in home mode (ie not away or night) but that relys on my phone logging im home before the pressence sensor on the bike getting deteced.

it should work aslong a the sensor dosent drop out (be away) when im in the local area (system in home)

Maybe you can try adding a rule to disable the SHM when you are near based on GPS, then based on the phone and sensor presence to open the door. It will take a little sometimes to open, because the hub must read the sensor and sometimes takes long time. I know because I have my wife keys to turn on the porch at night and sometimes takes forever, yes, I have a repeater near the driveway…

I had a similar issue when I arrive home, although I am using a wheelchair, not a vehicle. If I come home on the bus, it can take the driver five or 10 minutes to get me unloaded, and I don’t want my door opening while I’m still halfway down the block. I ended up using two different devices in combination plus an extra set of modes, and it all works very well for me now and avoids the random drop off problem. So that might give you some more ideas:

I’m sure you could do something similar in a more elegant way with the webcore now: when I first set this up webcore hadn’t been created yet. But it works fine, so I haven’t seen any reason to change it. :wink: