Open a URL - Enigma2 Box and Alexa

I have an Enigma2 based TV box with IPTV.

You can change channels by a simple URL call to the box IP and channel numbeer. Whats an easy way to get Smartthings to do this so then I can say Alexa turn on BBC News.

I suspect it depends on your definition of “easy.” :wink:

It’s definitely doable in Webcore and there are lots of people who will be glad to help you with that, but the set up can feel somewhat intimidating if you’re not used to working with code.

There is another alternative which is less powerful and probably has more steps to the set up, but may seem less intimidating, so there are a number of community members using it. That’s to use the IFTTT maker channel. Doing the post is easy, but you would have to set up a separate IFTTT applet for each command you wanted and probably some virtual switches on the SmartThings side. It can certainly be done, it’s just pretty tedious to set it all up.

I’d suggest starting out by looking at Webcore and see if that something you would like to use. If so, head on over to the webcore forum and there will be lots of people there to help you get started. :sunglasses:


Hey, just wondering if you’ll be able to tell me what IPTV is working perfectly with the Enigma. I’m still not sure which one to get. I found
this review, but not sure if it’s worth the money or not. Any help would be appreciated.