Only 2 things showing in automations as switchable devices


Here below all my devices.

My “poort switch” is a “Fibaro dual relay switch” connected to my driveway gate.
I installed a device handler and created 2 virtual switches.
I can control the 2 separate switches from the "Things " page in my Classic app.

But I want to assign a smartthings button to control the relay.
When I go to Automation and add a routine, the app doesn’t show the relay.
When the app asks which device I want to be controlled it only shows 2 devices.

Can someone please give some advice.
What am I overlooking ?


Something not right with your switches they should say on or off on the things page. Search on here for a fibro dh with the model number , it should creat 2 more switch for you itself.

Then there is this for operating

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Which DTH are you using for the virtual switches? I’d guess that the DTH doesn’t have the “switch” capability declared.

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