Controlling Two Way Relay


I have a Fibaro relay (2 x 1.5kw) that controls two different sets of lights. It works fine with the custom device handler that allows me to turn each set on or off from within the Smartthins app.


I can’t control of the individual elements in automations. I seem to get the option to turn both relays on, or both relays off. It’s incredibly annoying.

What am I doing wrong?



Yeah I’m sure that’s annoying, and you’re not doing anything wrong. The reason why is because the relay is seen as a single device instead of it’s individual switches. What most people do with devices like this is to create a virtual device that links to the individual elements. Here’s a discussion that should help you even though it’s not the same relay:

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Thank you so much! My Google-fu was failing me, but you have found the perfect link :slight_smile: Many many thanks

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It is a bit counter-intuitive but when you set up your automations, choose BOTH the relay device AND whichever virtual switch(es) you wish to turn on with that trigger.

As an example I have a Smartenit Dual Load Controller ZBMLC30 with a custom DTH that was coded by Dhawal Doshi. And a Dual Relay SmartApp (JustinTime) that makes them all work together.

I added two virtual switches – one for my Pool Filter Pump and one for the Pool Sweeper Pump.

I forced the BusCop device that appeared on discovery to become a ZBMLC30 “type” relay device with the DTH–then added all three of them to the Dual Relay SmartApp.

When I create automations, I choose BOTH the relay AND–say first the Pool Pump virtual switch–to add to a timer on/off trigger.

Then another, choosing BOTH the relay AND the Sweeper Pump to another similar timer on/off trigger. Each timer acts on the parent relay, AND it’s assigned virtual switch–it took a while to realize I had to include the relay itself with the virtual switches I wanted to control.

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