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Make a smart app wight the nest and presence device allowing you to set your nest to away mode when you leave your home and pre cooling your home and setting it to home mode when you arrive home.

I have not tried to code this one yet but I think it should be possible…

I would like to see an app that monitors the temp from my thermostat and can turn on/off a ceiling fan depending on that temp. For example, my z-wave enable thermostat already runs the fan on my air conditioning unit like a normal thermostat does. What I would like to try is when the fan on the thermostat is not running, not cooling the house because the temp is below the cooling point, the ceiling fan (z-wave switch) can be turned on. When the fan on the air conditioner kicks in to cool down the house, the ceiling fan can be switched off.

For that matter throw in a presence detection. No reason for the ceiling fan to turn on if no one is home…

I don’t see a problem with the logic, its pretty much a simple “if/then on/off” idea … but the catch is can it be made to run all day instead of just one time? Can it be made to monitor the thermostat for temp changes?

As far as being practical, I don’t know if anything is really gained from any of this other than the knowledge of writing the code. I mean, so the ceiling fan turns itself on or off depending on the temp of the house… you are not really going to save much on your electric bill from this … would you?

I strongly believe smartthings should update their smart app, Its seems a little dated in my opinion. Specially with SAMSUNG behind their back they should have access to some great software developers. For instance the lighting dimmers function is so unstable on the app it self, when I’m trying to dim a light on the app theres that half a circle above the light switch and its poorly laid out and sometimes it jumps back and fort? before i can dim a light. Over all app could use a better graphics too.

Would be nice if the main Security feature would have a delay. The Smart Alarm works great but would be nice to have it on the Main Home Page or ability to Pin it. Additionally how come the echo Dot can not be recognized as a Smart speaker device? Would be cool if the Smart Alarm could have a warning when the Alarm is tripped before the Siren goes off and the Echo Dot could act as that speaker. The Smart Alarm also does not show you if armed from routines so you don’t know if someone armed it unless you dig into the app. I have set a light bulb to be on when armed but to have warnings when tripped and status in the app on the home page would be very nice to have.