ST Motion V1 - logging warning

Is anyone else seeing this warning for their ST Motion V1 in live logging?

is using deprecated isZoneType19 call

I’m using the ST DTH “SmartSense Motion V1”

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I turned on live logging and got this message;

9fcf9839-bc9d-400b-83fc-d486359161b9 6:33:05 PM: warn
Device: 9fcf9839-bc9d-400b-83fc-d486359161b9, Hub: 8abce91d3f9bd2a7013fa44a3a3034de, is using deprecated isZoneType19 call

This is a first generation SmartThings motion sensor.


Yes, that’s what I’m seeing

I’m getting that error too

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me too - man I hope they don’t kill the one sensor that have never given me a false motion.

Yes, and I definitely like the fact that you can plug it into USB power and not have to worry about batteries, especially in a high traffic area. Plus, when plugged into power, it acts as a Zigbee repeater. I also use a smartapp that will me if I have a power outage:

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I have gotten so many false motions from this sensor I no longer use it for security, just lighting and repeater functions. I do use it for the power outages too, but it doesn’t pick up outages that are only a second or two.

I’m going to email support about this warning and see what they say.

Update - my mistake that isn’t a stock DTH

Support suggested using “SmartSense Motion” There are two of them in the IDE, choose the top one. so far so good, I have not seen the logging warning.

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We are trying to deprecate certain uses of the isZoneType19, translateStatusZoneType19 and bitTestStatusZoneType19 (the ones called on the base class of the Device Type Handler) but we’re not going to remove them until we’re confident no one will be adversely affected. Those warnings are just for us for now so we can see how often these functions are still being used. In hindsight we could have made the messages more clear so as not to cause concern.

We’re changing all of the published Device Type Handlers to use the zigbee.* equivalent of those deprecated functions but that hasn’t been deployed yet. If there are self published Device Type Handlers still using those functions we’ll come up with a strategy that won’t involve breaking those handlers.

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