Old pull wire Ceiling Fan Controller

I have a few old ceiling fans. I would like to add a simple switch to control them on the wall. My goal would be to install a ‘smart fan and light controller’ inside the base of the fan. It would connect to power, Fan, and Light wires along with ground. On the wall I have a single gang switch that gets constant power and does have a neutral and ground. I would like to buy a smart fan controller that when connected to a SmartThings hub it will control the fan, also a smart fan switch for the wall controlled with the hub. This sounds like a simple task but I can not find a company that offers a solution. Here are a few pics of device I would like but do not work with each other today. There is a pic of the Fan, a pic of the controller that would go in the fan, a pic of a wall unit that would control the fan. Does anyone know if a solution like this exists that would do this?


I am using this Inovelli switch and it should be exactly what you’re looking for. It’s two pieces- switch on wall and controller like the one you pictured at the fan itself. It is zwave so works with Smartthings- they have detailed install instructions to get it running. It communicates rf between the fan and switch so it only needs hot and neutral to control both light and fan separately


Thank you. That is exactly what I was looking for. I am going to order one today. I have one question and really hope it does this.

If you set the fan at a certain speed or the light at a certain dim level. Does it remember that when you turn it on and off. Or does it always come up full fan speed or full brightness?

Thanks again

You can program it to either remember last setting or a default value. There’s lots of configuration options. You can even do custom notifications with the leds

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Yeah Inovelli is definitely the answer here. Great features at a reasonable cost. Have 5 and they work great!

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I ordered the switch and it is install and working. I have having the issue of extreme lag. I read that if I upgrade the firmware it will fix the issue. I ordered the USB Z-Wave dongle today and it will be here tomorrow. The ‘How To’ claims to download the Z-Wave software from SiLabs. I have an account but when I click on the download it claims it is no longer there. Can someone send me the tool? Please either message me or send it to sean.havanas@gmail.com. Thank you so much.

I emailed the zip file to you. It works a lot better with the new firmware, no delay at all.

Actually the email bounced back and was blocked, probably since it’s an exe file in the zip. I tried downloading from this link and it was available. If you can’t get it from here its probably a firewall or security setting on your end blocking it.

Thanks for sending. I did not get it because it was a .zip with a .exe like you said. That new link you posted worked perfect. I am waiting for Amazon to deliver the USB dongle today. I timed how long it takes now. It is 9 seconds. Hope this helps.

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Hopefully Smartthings will be able to do firmware updates without a zstick on zwave devices soon. The thread below shows progress, but who knows what the definition of “soon” is. Its something people had wanted for years.

I need more help. The USB dongle arrived today and I have the Z-Wave PC Controller software working. I connected to my LZW36 Fan and Light Switch switch. The user guild tells you to do a OTA upgrade and send the .otz file to the gateway. When I search for a firmware upgrade for the LZW36 this comes up.

The firmware is in a .gpl file and I can not find how to install that. Any ideas?

Did you add the zstick as a secondary controller? That’s what I did. There’s full screenshots how to do it in link below. You will use the pc zwave software to upload the firmware .gbl file. If you’re having trouble, Inovelli has good support.

Thanks for the update. I have an issue. I own two different SmartThings Hubs at different locations. At this new house I can not find one to buy. They are all sold out. So I can not do the Secondary Controller firmware until I can buy one. I opened a ticket with Inovelli.

Did their support get back to you? If you directly associate the switch to the Aeostick it should be a simular process. Doing that will not require a smartthings hub at least. The screenshots should still get you through most of the PC controller software. That program is definitely advanced and not user friendly though, so I can understand anyone getting easily stuck.

This is an awesome thread with awesome feedback!

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Firmware update process, if you get stuck tag me:

  1. Plug in USB dongle.
  2. Open Z-Wave PC Controller 5.39 (latest version as of writing).
  3. In top right of PC Controller, click settings cog.
  4. Click “Detect” it should find the USB dongle on COM#, click on that line and then OK.
  5. Go to “Network” pane.
  6. Click “NWI” for network-wide inclusion.
  7. Perform inclusion on the 36 (top left hold, 3 light button pushes about 1 sec apart). 36 should flash green and you should see device as node in PC Controller.
  8. Click on OTA (up arrow) pane.
  9. Click on 36 node and then “Get”, this will get the node information, security version (it doesn’t matter if you are secure or not) and firmware version.
  10. In middle of OTA pane, there should be a “browse” for the firmware file. Select the .gbl (this is the correct firmware file extension for 700 series z-wave devices).
  11. Select Target as 0.
  12. Click “Update”.

Since you are the primary controller, it should go pretty quick, around 5 mins. When complete, the switch should restart.

If you select “Get” again, you should see the new firmware version update in the top of the OTA window.

This is from memory, and is slightly different than the secondary controller method, but gets the job done.


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Kevin, I was able to get it to work with those instructions. Thank You. It is works faster now.