Old Cell Phone = Free Bedside Remote!

I charge my cell phone in the kitchen, downstairs from my bedroom. I have GE Zigbee bulbs in the bedside stand table lamp. If I turn off the light using the pull chain, I have to remember to turn it on again in the morning, then turn it off with the app when I get my cell phone again.

I kept my old cell phone after I upgraded over a year ago. It has no cell service, but does have wi-fi!

I downloaded the app, and now I can turn off the light with the app, check to see if I closed the garage door, and check the status of my front door lock, among other things. I keep it turned on and plugged in next to my clock radio.

A great use for what has just been a paperweight until now.


HI, if you have and android phone , you can use poor’s man echo, and use “ok google” to control your smarthome, I have several old galaxy with android 4.3 and works great. you must to buy tasker now (1 dlls)


That’s what we at SmartTiles call “upcycling”. (SmartTiles is a web-app client for SmartThings, and old phones and tablets are frequently used to run it).


This is exactly what I do as well. I got a USB charging stand at Dollar Tree for, you guessed it, a buck, and it works a treat with Smarttiles.


Here’s some instructions on how to add voice commands to your old Android phone or tablet: