Single gang display?

I’m remodeling our kitchen and have an old volume control (single gang) I don’t need. Any chance there’s a device out there that I could stick in this box that could tell me if lights were left on in my basement, for example? I’d love to be able to glance quickly and see that the kids left some lights on somewhere else in the house…


You could mount an old phone running ActionTiles.

As @siwilson suggested, an old phone or a new $25 WiFi phone (Walmart usually has a couple of models in this price range: you don’t need to activate a contract or cellular Service for them as long as they can boot up and connect to your Wi-Fi) can work well with either actiontiles or sharptools or One of the other dashboard apps on it. :sunglasses:

These examples are ActionTiles:



There’s also Brilliant Which now has a limited smartthings integration, but that’s a much more expensive option with less functionality. It just might look prettier on the wall. But read everything very carefully including the threads in this forum: you’re going to get a lot less functionality then you’ll expect when using it with either Hue or smartthings. It is nice looking, though.


Very cool! Do you have a link to the USB cradle in the picture by chance? This would work nicely.

That particular one is the blue lounge mini dock, but there are similar models from a number of brands:

You can also use Sugru to create your own custom mount. I use this with a tablet and it works very well. :sunglasses:

Sugru comes in multiple colors, including black, white, silver, green, red, and yellow. You can see the green in the picture above.

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I believe the Zooz Zen30 has some indicator lights that can be programmed to different things, but I’m not certain on that.

Maybe @TheSmartestHouse can confirm?

Inovelli ZWave Dimmer Switch (Red Series). I just put my first one in this weekend and I love it. Their instructions and support are top notch.

You can program the LED strip on the right side for any number of notifications.


The LED indicator on the Double Switch isn’t programmable on the current firmware. We’ll keep you posted if that functionality is added in the future.

Homeseer has a Zwave model with programmable indicator lights. It can also handle multiple tap patterns, like double tap, triple tap, quadruple tap…So not only could you see that the basement lights were on, but you could use a specific tap pattern to turn them off again. It wouldn’t be intuitive, but it could work well for some households. :sunglasses:


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@JDRoberts that’s the switch I was thinking of! I’m a Zooz fan though so my mind went that way first.

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