Ok, to use the SmartThings icon for a free Fitbit app?

I’m wondering if it’s ok to use the SmartThings icon (such as a screen grab of the one at the top of this page) as an icon for a Fitbit app? I’m working on a SmartThings Fitbit app and I need an icon which is 80x80, so very low res.

I’d alter it slightly, but Google will ultimately have the last say. Cos they won’t allow it on the app store unless they are happy

I would love to use this app if it displays steps and sleep score for multiple users.

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It’s an app for controlling SmartThings devices. I’m thinking of eventually expanding it to include “device groups” and “scenes”, but currently it only controls devices. It also currently only knows how to “turn on” a “switch” capable device and “lock” and “unlock” a “lock” capability. There’s already an app called “Things” which claims to do this, but it seems to only control “scenes” and the developer isn’t respond to email, so I’m writing my own. Thinking of calling it “Smart Stuff”. :slight_smile:

Re. altering their logo “slightly”, it’s not clear this would be legal either. If it’s still clearly patterned after their logo, they could claim that it’s “close enough to be confusing”, meaning that my app could be confused with something they would have written in-house, and thus could lead people to think badly of them, if they thought badly of my app. I completely understand this. Of course, the already existing “Things” app does something like this already. It’s up to Fitbit whether or not they want to approve the app, but they would pull it immediately if it was thought to be infringing. Ultimately, I think I’ll look at creating my own icon and try to make it “remind you of the Smart Things icon”. We’ll see. :slight_smile:

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We are currently working out some new developer agreements that will tell you what you can and cannot do as far as branding goes. I have set myself a reminder to revisit this thread during the workweek.