"Works With SmartThings"™: Rules for logo use?

I guess it’s probably been around for a while, but just noticed the official (?) "Works With SmartThings"™ logo.

I’m sure I could email … Partners@SmartThings.com (?) … but figured it was worth a public query and answer.

Is this only for hardware, or are extension SmartApps like SmartTiles, SmartRules, SharpTools, etc., also candidates? Can we self-certify? Is the trademark only on “SmartThings” or on the whole slogan and/or logo?

Is there a minimized version? … i.e., just the circle and checkmark like so…


I would assume that it should apply for smart apps as well, but it would only make sense if that extension worked on multiple platforms. If it works only on SmartThings, then “works with SmartThings” is redundant. Moreover, I am sure an official acceptance of smart app would be required.

I would guess that it should apply to non hardware products too. I am pretty sure it would need to go through an official compliance test by the team at ST first though. I bet they have a standardised process of some sort. I would DM Mr Slagle and find out if I were you. After all you have a good number of happy users so far.

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For now, yes. We plan to expand this soon.

No, this is a badge you can use once you go through the certification process with us.