Rheem water heater from Home Depot

I have just bought the rheem water heater model XE50M12EC55U0


The heater has WiFi and android app anyone integrate this?
They also have a developer api http://io.myrheem.com/

Neat! Thanks for posting the link to the API. I was trying to decide between this exact model and a whirlpool with similar features.

Did you also get the wifi module?

Yes i did buy the wifi module separate … i also just paid $448 for the water heater use this link or just set your store to Se Austin #6542

Austin, TX 78704
I live three hours away and they matched the price i just took a picture with my phone


also looks like they support Wink

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Sweet find. @ben please add to devices!

@Ben I spoke with Rheem and they are willing to help out if you need any. Please email Boniface.Chege@rheem.com
and identify yourself as SmartThings. Hopefully this will get the ball rolling

We have already been communicating with Boniface since meeting him last week at an event. Thanks!

Anything new to report on this front? I’m ready to pull the trigger on a new hot water heater and am tempted to get a wifi-enabled one. I’m not sure that I need it but I have some Home Depot gift cards and would prefer that everything in my house be smart from this point forward. :smile:

I’m also curious about this - I have one of these Rheem heaters and would love to be able to intelligently disable the heater based on presence or increase water temp if certain users are home.

Same here i own the water heater and i dont mind testing anything…I havent heard anything in a long time

I now have a Rheem water heater too, and am going to buy the add-on WiFi module next.
I know that it can send me alerts, etc, but it would be cool if it could be integrated into the SmartThings Hub.

Any progress on this yet?

Update: As part of the process of trying to get the Rheem WiFi Modual for their water heater up and running (including a lengthy e-mail conversation), I specifically asked them about this, and all they said is that the people at SmartThings had contacted Rheem about it, but that nothing has been done about it yet, and they have no plans to do so in the future (not that they are planning on NOT doing anything with it, but just that they currently have no plans as it relates to SmartThings integration).

I got my Rheem wifi enabled hot water tank today. The wifi app is awful and Buggy but would love to have it integrated with ST. Harmony now has it integrated and I can control the hot water heater from
My Harmony app.


Indeed (awful and buggy). I finally managed to get it set up, and working for the most part, but it took a lot of trial and error on my part. I am now still waiting to hear back from them regarding the outstanding issues. If this thing ever does become SmartThings compatible, that will be nice.

Just purchased my Rheem water heater… Excited to get this working with ST!

Any update on this working with ST?

I’m also curious on this one. Other research suggests the rheem communication is really just honeywell enviracom. I’ve got a white water heater with an enviracom connector, so I’m intrigued . . .

You might want to check this out then :slight_smile:

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