Offline Phillips Hue lights associated to Automation


My Phillips hue devices that are part of an Automation/routine all went offline. The Phillips Hue devices not associated to a routine are all online. All lights work well through the Phillips Hue app. No updates or changes have been made recently that I am aware of. I have a ton of automations and devices connected to the device, so would rather not have to redo them all. Any thoughts on how to resolve?

cloud to cloud integration, direct connection through official integration or using a third party driver (hub is required for last 2 options so do you have a ST hub)?

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I have an ST hub and Phillips Hue hub and using a direct connection. I went ahead and deleted the linked service and added it back. It was able to add in all the devices however when I tried adding them back to the lighting groups that the Automation are built on, I’m given a warning there is no internet connection and the app kind of spasms. I created a new group and added them to that. When deleting the empty lighting group, I again get a warning that there is no internet connection. It seems like a bug with grouped devices. Any idea why? Wondering if I should not be using grouped devices for automations.

the plot thickens… you now have lighting groups in the mix. what happens if you simply use the hue devices in Routines or use (manually run routines - formerly called scenes) that are used in Automatically Run Routines?

other community members will need to assist you at this point …

Yeah it was really odd that some were online and some were offline from the same hue hub. I have routines set up from paddle clicks that don’t actually disconnect the lights from power, which is why they continue working from the Hue app. I have so many routines that I can’t not use groups to centralize configs.

I started to recreate all my lighting groups and associate the new groups to routines that then feed into my automatons. I try to not have automations directly control a device not in a routine or group. This seems to be working.

It seems odd that there could exist a network boundary on the lighting group that would affect the state (online/offline) of the device regardless if it was being used outside of the context of the lighting group — for instance if the automation directly controlled the device rather than one of the lighting groups it belongs to. It’s offline in both scenarios, yet if a light is not part of a lighting group, it’s unaffected and online.