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Official Lutron Caseta Support in SmartThings (Beginning March 2017)

(Realy Living Dream) #21

And we have devices listed. TTYL I have work to do

(John Dong) #22

Hopefully. Was disappointed after finding out Alexa couldn’t do it lol

(Chad H) #23

You have to add the skill and Alexa can then control the scenes (but you have to say “turn on” rather than “open/close”).

(John Dong) #25

Yeah I know it’s just a bit unnatural that I just end up using Siri

And you have to create two scenes, one for off and one for on no?

(Realy Living Dream) #26

That was simple, just like any other C2C connection, enter Lutron credentials and add devices

(Chad H) #27

Correct. That allows you to use the Lutron scheduler also (still trying to figure out open/close depending on the weather).

(Jimmy) #28

What’s the response time like?

(Nate Schwartz) #29

Nearly instant… I’m pretty impressed

(Jimmy) #30


(Benjamin Leroux) #31

Funny, I don’t see the Lutron devices in the iPhone App.

(Jimmy) #32

They show in mine. Give it a bit or try closing the app and re-opening


They’re rolling out in waves. If you don’t have it now, you should have it pretty soon, at least if you’re in the US. I haven’t heard one way or the other if it’s going to be released for the UK at the same time.

(Realy Living Dream) #34

Yup Androids are once again laughing at IPhone owners :laughing:


What will happen if I make the official connection even though I have all my dimmers set up with @njschwartz 's solution? Will I just see two of each dimmer?

(Nate Schwartz) #36

If you add the same device twice you will indeed end up with two devices. I haven’t tried it since I have two Lutron hubs, but I think you may get some strange results. If you try let us know! :slight_smile:

(Vidya Shankar Subramanian) #38

It has nothing to do with android vs iOS. I have both and my smartthings app still shows just a “Lutron” section with no devices under it in both ios and android.

(Realy Living Dream) #39

I had to reboot phone / restart ST app before they showed.

(Paul James) #40

I have an android and I can see the header for Lutron but no devices under the header. I have rebooted and restarted the app.


It can take up to 24 hours for the Marketplace entries to roll out to everyone. Hang in there!

(Chad H) #42

Lutron devices finally populated on my iphone. Added a switch, provided Lutron credentials and it discovered the shades! But, looks like Alexa identified them as a dimmable switch so will still have to say “on” rather than “open”.

Lutron Caseta integration do I need a smart bridge?