SmartThings Ecobee integration mentioned on iMore

(Keith Croshaw) #1

Was surprised to see this in my RSS feed today. Good coverage for both companies! Maybe it’ll push official integration.


Looks like it’s sort of the other way around. :wink:

The article talks about how great the community-created code by @yvesracine is.

(Yves Racine) #3

Hello, that’s the second article about the SmartThings-Ecobee integration via my custom Ecobee Device.

The first one was in connectedly under the Integrations Section.

BTW, after some talks with Ecobee, I now can use the mention “ecobee recommended” on my website.

I’m waiting for the official image from ecobee.


(Tim Slagle) #4

Awesome! This is the whole idea behind STs! Sure official integrations are “nice” but We get to side step the red tape here in the community! So when a community integration is just as good everyone wins!

Awesome Job @yvesracine

(Keith Croshaw) #5

Couldn’t have said it better myself.