SmartThings Ecobee integration mentioned on iMore

Was surprised to see this in my RSS feed today. Good coverage for both companies! Maybe it’ll push official integration.

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Looks like it’s sort of the other way around. :wink:

The article talks about how great the community-created code by @yvesracine is.

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Hello, that’s the second article about the SmartThings-Ecobee integration via my custom Ecobee Device.

The first one was in connectedly under the Integrations Section.

BTW, after some talks with Ecobee, I now can use the mention “ecobee recommended” on my website.

I’m waiting for the official image from ecobee.



Awesome! This is the whole idea behind STs! Sure official integrations are “nice” but We get to side step the red tape here in the community! So when a community integration is just as good everyone wins!

Awesome Job @yvesracine


Couldn’t have said it better myself.