hubv2 with internet down event

I try to test my newly received v2 hub, one of the test is internet down event.
I notice that when the v2 hub connected to internet, i still have some lag when the motion detected and to turn on a wall switch for a light.
but when i disconnect v2 hub from internet, it seems the event operated faster.
does anybody notice the same behavior ?


Interesting I have been unable to get any of my events to work when my internet is down. I was under the impression the offline feature wasn’t working yet.

Are there only some actions that work offline ? Is this documented anywhere ?

If I can get one of my events working I will see if it behaves as you mention.
One example of an even I have that should be able to work offlnie is

  • When temp reaches 80 turn on AC thermostat (Cool mode)
    This is implemented in a smart app I have written, perhaps I need to use something else to make this work offline ?

from what I have filtered, only standard devices and and ONE smartapp “Smart Lighting” will work offline now.

Cool to see one person with offline operation AND it’s faster.

Custom SmartApps you’ve written won’t work offline yet. Currently, device handlers and SmartApps have to be blessed by SmartThings and pushed out by them to be local enabled.

For a SmartApp to run local, the SmartApp and all of the devices used in the SmartApp have to be running locally.

You can see which SmartApps are running locally at:

I should also note that Alex has indicated that SmartThings’ goal is to someday let developers run their own SmartApps locally, but the current limitation is that local device type handlers and SmartApps are distributed via firmware updates.

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I have about 20 Lightning Automation installed via Smart Light app and I can confirm that actions on motion seem to be slightly more responsive when I disconnect the ethernet cable.


we should get same performance on off/on internet for the same event that saved locally.
Otherwise the user experience is almost the same (a.k.a noticeable lag) between hubv1 and v2.
Disconnect the internet is not an option as other smartapps than smart light will not work.