October 2015: Random IFTTT Failures (US)

Anyone else seeing this? I’ve opened a ticket. IFTTT support says it’s a SmartThings issue. Just started in the last week. Random IFTTT failures on multiple devices and recipes, some of which of been running for almost a year without problems. Either nothing ever happens on the SmartThings side, or the events are delayed substantially. IFTTT says the delay is not on their side, The request is being sent to smartthings when the recipe logs as being fired.

Yep have had the same problem here. ST if this is on them, appears to be falling apart

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We’re getting some reports trickling in about IFTTT failures. Still trying to gather information.

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Would one of you be willing to uninstall and re-install your IFTTT integration to see if that resolves the issue?

The reason I ask is I just installed IFTTT into my account and I’m not seeing any delays. :frowning:

Edit: or better yet, just open the IFTTT smartapp and hit done. Try the less nuclear option first.

Not seeing any issues currently on my side, if something was done it may be fixed. Then again it could be an internet gremlin coming out early for the weekend.

I suspect it may have been apart of the other bugs we were seeing until the hotfix went out on Friday.

Still weirdness here, but not sure IFTTT is involved this time.