[OBSOLETE] Z-Wave Switch with Protection (Lock-Out)

After a lot of searching and not finding a ready made solution, I’ve created a custom version of the generic z-wave switch device handler to include the protection command that is supported by some models like the PS15Z-2 and its variations. https://nortekcontrol.com/pdf/manuals/PS15Z2_manual.pdf. I have confirmed that it works on the Nortek PS15Z-2 and NuTone branded version NPS15Z. Note: this does not affect on/off commands sent from the hub, only the function of the physical button.

Essentially, this operates as a physical lock-out of the module.

The module can be toggled via a tile to any one of three Protection modes
• When Protection is set to Protection Off, the unit works normally, the module will turn on and off with the button on the unit.
• When Protection is set to Sequence Control (aka Child Protection), press the button on the module three times rapidly to control the attached load.
• When Protection is set to Remote Only (aka Button Disabled), the button will not work to turn the attached load on or off. The button can still be used to access the Z-Wave network during joining.

I got the idea and borrowed some code from [Updated] Cooper Aspire Dimmer Switch RF9540-N with Protection (Lock-out) Mode and Panic Mode. There may be a better way to implement but I was only looking for a simple solution.

Always open to feedback/ideas, code below for install in IDE. Note: Upon first use, the tile will default to updating, click the tile to enable and toggle to the desired protection mode.


This is exactly what I need for an older HomePro Wall Dimmer Switch that keeps going into child protection mode on its own, randomly and I can’t get it out of that mode. The operation that you describe is exactly how the switch works. But when I click on the github link, I get a 404. Do you still have the code available?

The link above has been updated. Fair warning, this was designed to work with the Classic App, it has not been updated to work with the new App. The device will appear as any other switch in the new app but Protection would be a custom capability that would need to be created. You can still access the custom commands via legacy apps like WebCore for setting the protection mode. I no longer use ST as my primary controller so I have not taken the time to create the custom capability.

Anyone is welcome to use the code and create a custom capability if you wish.

Good Morning Jon,

Thanks for updating. I’ll work on getting webcore configured to change that pesky protection setting.