[OBSOLETE] Xiaomi Sensors and Button (beta)

Is this the round Temp & Humidity sensor or the square-shaped one?

Which device handler are you using? I highly recommend using the most up-to-date ones on the bspranger/Xiaomi GitHub repository - please see this thread for more information and links to device handler code. The new Temperature and Humidity sensor device handler will make sure SmartThings recognizes it and not be added as a generic “Thing.”

The first battery level report does not happen until about 60 minutes after pairing the sensor.

I have never heard of a device disappearing from the list of devices in the mobile app. Again, I recommend using the most up-to-date device handler. That may help fix this problem.

Probably not a good idea. All of the Xiaomi devices are different in the way they report, and the way battery level is reported is different from the standard method of Zigbee devices, so using any other device handler means the battery level will never show up in the app. Please note that the a4refillpad device drivers do not correctly calculate the battery level - again, I recommend using the device handler from the bspranger/ Xiaomi repository.

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