[OBSOLETE] Xiaomi Sensors and Button (beta)

Well the sensors aren’t the problem getting to your own information is. Like I said I understand the need for security but honestly there is not one reason I can come up with that shouldn’t allow a user to get their to own data without jumping through so many hoops… :slight_smile:

Same boat here, getting a v2 hub to replace my Samsung connect :frowning:

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Well for anyone asking my temp/humid sensors have been connected and working great for a couple weeks now! :slight_smile: Thank you all for your help!

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Depending on which button you have, you might need a different device handler. If like me you have the square shaped button, then the device handler on this page won’t work (well it didn’t for me). I was getting “check-in” responses but the actual button push didn’t register. The device handler from this page worked for me:


No support for the “hold” function but at least you can use the button!

I have purchased a couple of the Aqara Motion Sensors.
I’m using the DH from bspranger : Xiaomi Aqara Motion Sensor.
I notice that the motion active time can be set in the settings for the device.
No matter what I set it to, motion stays active for 2 minutes before it goes inactive. Is anyone else getting this?
Is this correct or is there a bug.

Bob, you should probably run over to this thread and read through it. It’s a mixture of information on the Xiaomi Sensors, but when you read through, I believe there is some fairly recent information about these Motion Sensors.

As a note - this is a bug -update should be released in next day or two

@RBoy, any chance you can look into this as your next DH project?

Please send in a request to our support team, if enough folks want it we’ll be happy to do it.

Thanks, I will send an email to make the request.

For anyone else wanting to request integration of the Original Xiaomi Universal IR Remote Controller, you can email RBoy support at;

support @ rboyapps.com

If this IR controller was through Zigbee then there would have been a possibility. Xiaomi infrad red controller is based on Mi cloud and it communicated over Wifi. So the authentication has to be done at Xiaomi clod level. Which Xiaomi has to agree and sign contracts with smartthings which is unlikely to happen any time sooner, because xiaomi smart home target market is just china

So I installed this DH yesterday after I got a Xiaomi Aqara from ebay. Everything works great. Then I decided to try it in the fridge, no problem at all. Then today I tried putting it in the freezer and now I got some really interesting values. It reports back temperature at 120 degrees celsius which is “somewhat” high. :slight_smile:
(freezer is set to -18 degrees)

So, do I have a faulty sensor or is it a bug in the DH?
Using a v2 hub.

you are using an old device handler, new one is https://github.com/bspranger/Xiaomi/tree/master/devicetypes/bspranger

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I highly suggest using the newer Aqara-specific DTH from the bspranger/Xiaomi GitHub repository:

A big update was released just yesterday, and I personally worked on overhauling the DTH code for both the Aqara / “original” Xiaomi Temp/Humidity sensors. I have an Aqara T/H sensor myself, and everything works beautifully (including correct Celsius readings in your freezer!) Plus there are extra features not available with the older DHs.

More information about the update here.

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Bummer! Thanks for the info though.

Yep, that solved it. :slight_smile:

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So, these xiaomi sensors, do they still not work with smarthings hub V1?

As far as we know they still only work with the v2 hub.

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A massive thank you for all of the work done and contributions to make these devices work.

Today I received 2 buttons, 2 motion sensors and a door sensor and they are all now up and functioning in Smartthings. The whole bundle was incredibly cheap, less than the cost of 1 average smart bulb in the UK.

Pairing was a bit tricky but using the recommended “repeatedly press the button with a paperclip” method. they all eventually paired even at the opposite side of the house to the Smartthings hub.

Fingers crossed they remain stable.

I have about 8 more square and round Temp sensors. Selling them cheap. Let me know if you are interested. I am in the US. Can’t keep them paired. A few of them have some writing on them and most of them have new batteries. PM if you are interested. Had 12 and 4 have already been spoken for.