Using X10 Remote Control with SmartThings

Hey SmartThings enthusiasts,

I searched the forums on the subjects, but have not found a solution, so here it goes.

I replaced most of my X10 switches and dimmers with Z-Wave ones, which are more reliable of course. And I enjoy an ability to control them remotely using my iPhone or being able to set up all kind of rules using smart apps, etc. But I still miss traditional remote controls that I used with my X10 setup. Like this one: I have a few of those in my house. They are simple, reliable and the batteries last forever. Not to mention they’re dirt cheap (< $10 in eBay). It would be super cool if I could use those to control SmartThings. Then I wouldn’t have to carry my iPhone with me all the time, reach into my pocket, start an app, etc…

Then, I also have a dozen of X10 EagleEye motion sensors like these: installed around the house, both indoors and outdoors. They also work great and cost 1/3 of a typical Z-Wave motion sensor. I’d hate to spend over $500 to replace all EagleEyes with new sensors.

So, does anyone have a solution? I found two projects related to X10: and The first one seems to gone nowhere. The second one allows to control X10 devices from the SmartThings app, which is not what I’m looking for.

Any suggestions anyone?

I can’t answer all of your questions, but as far as a remote goes I’ve been using the 45601 with my dimmer and switches with no problem.®-Handheld-Remote/dp/B0013V58CU/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1393017758&sr=8-2&keywords=ge+zwave+remote

This might take care of part of what you are looking for. Good luck!

Do you have to pair the 45601 with the ST hub or is it a separate remote.

Yes. After you do that, you have to assign each switch to a key on the remote then. Essentially, the remote becomes a secondary/slave controller.

I am interested in this. I too am in the process of slowly doing away with X-10 and upgrade to Z-wave but I also have a bunch of X-10 devices. Especially the motion sensors. I would love if someone found a way to make this do-able.

In the meantime, are you just controlling the X-10 with the remote or do you use software?

I’m using software to control the ST Z-Wave modules in my house with my X10 remotes/motion sensors. I have an X10CM11a two way control module and a Linux PC running the free ppower software. Every time I swap out an X10 device with a Z-Wave I add that X10 modules ID as a macro in the ppower software. Then with the help of the web API the macro hits a URL for turning the device ON or OFF. Works very reliably although there can be a second or two delay at times.

So if I were to replace an X10 module with the ID A1 here is a mocked up example of what my ppower.conf might look like:

ALIAS A1 SmartThings1

MACRO (SmartThings1:ON) {
        RUN "curl[ID]/on?access_token=[ACCESS TOKEN]"

MACRO (SmartThings1:OFF) }
        RUN "curl[ID]/off?access_token=[ACCESS TOKEN]"

Curl is a simple command line browser of sorts that can access URLs. So when I send an A1 on the X10 network the computer with the CM11A module sees it, runs the curl program to access the URL and the light turns on/off. I used the API tutorial to figure out what the links were to turn my devices on/off and generate the appropriate authentication etc. ( I’m using Linux and ppower but there’s no reason this wouldn’t work with any software package that supported macros.


URL for rest tutorial Tutorial: Creating a REST SmartApp Endpoint