[OBSOLETE] A Simple X-10 Interface

I made a simple SmartThings to X-10 interface using IFTTT, a free program called X10Commander & a CM15a X-10 interface. X10Commander, is very simple, can also use the CM11a & CM17 interfaces and accepts commands in the form of a URL. This requires no coding other than 2 IFTTT recipes per X-10 device. This is a bit of a pain and it uses the cloud, but it gets the job done. I’m using this as a interim solution that will allow me to use SmartThings as the single interface for home automation while I take my time changing from X-10 to Z-Wave switches.

Load the following on just about any Windows PC:
Drivers for the CM15A(ActiveHome PRO SDK) if needed: Software Downloads – TheX10Shop

X10Commander can be downloaded at melloware.com
**A similar program is also available for the MAC at melloware.com

Test a local URL:
Once X10 commander is installed, you should be able to turn X-10 devices on & off through a browser using this URL:“E4%20OFF”
(Replace the IP address with your PC’s IP. Replace the E4 with the device’s House & Unit Code & OFF with ON to turn a light on. melloware.com also has Android and IOS clients that may help with testing.

Set up port forwarding on your router to forward incoming URL’s to your PC & port 8086

Test this by putting URL’s in your browser that use your external IP address.

The hook to ST
Create a Simulated Switch in ST for each X10 light.

Go to IFTTT (I used the PC browser verison).
Create 2 recipes.
One trigger using the ST Switched On & the other trigger using ST Switched Off. Both aimed at the appropriate ST Simulated Switch.
Then for the actions use the MAKE channel in IFTTT. Insert the appropriate ON or OFF external URL in the URL field. Select GET as the method and the middle option under content type. Leave the body field blank and save both your recipes.
Cross your fingers and flip the simulated switch on ST and the X-10 lights should follow. There maybe a couple second delay.

I’m guessing this could be improved and dimming might also be added, but it will get the temporary job done for me. Let me know if you have any questions.


Help please. I’ve have X10 commander installed and working for years. Today I am trying your method to connect through IFTTT. When I try the URL is get the following response:

Not available

If I change the port from 8086 to 6003 which is what X10 commander is set to, I get this response:

1000 X10Commander Server
ERR~Unknown TCP Command

Any ideas?

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I completed the switch from X10 to Z-Wave so I no longer have the interface running. Have you tried initiating the command from a web browser on your local network? Are you using the same version of X10 commander?

Also, once you set up port forwarding to receive commands from the internet you would not have the port number on it. This is directly copied from the IFTTT Make Action & worked last month."F4%20OFF"

Let me know if your still having issues.

Hi! I came across this post while searching for a way to control my X10 devices with the Amazon Echo. I tried using the command you gave and had the same issue as cobra01car. If I use the port, I get the same error message (1000 X10Commander Server ERR~Unknown TCP Command ). If I do not use the post, nothing happens. However, before even trying to troubleshoot that, I was wondering if this has any use to accomplish controlling X10 via Amazon Echo. I was thinking maybe this can be used to create an IFTTT recipe? Or is that not possible? I did come across instructions to do this with a Rasberry Pi, but that is a bit beyond my abilities so I am trying to find something easier.


Before SmartThings I was using HomeGenie PC software with X10 devices. I was able to link Amazon Echo to X10 devices via IFTTT with web api exposed by HomeGenie server:


Is anyone still using x10 commander? I got a new phone, now since it’s no longer in the app store I can’t get it to work. I would use this to control X10 via phone