Is there an app for bridging x10 remote to ST?

I would like to use my X10 remote as an input trigger for ST Smartapps. I’m already using the x10Bridge SmartApp with the mochad running on a Linux (for ST to x10 direction) and I noticed that mochad also receives and records button presses on the x10 remote so it shouldn’t be too hard to somehow bridge that over to ST. Is there an app that already does it? Or is there an app that I can use as a template to get started writing one myself.

Yes, but it is being developed by people who do not work for ST. The link is here

You can also share links in the forum like this and then they preview :smile:

Thank you for the helpful tip

No, that thread is talking about sending commands to x10. I want to be able to receive events from x10. I can accomplish this using mochad and some kind of a raw tcp socked listener on ST side but documentation is lacking on ST side on how to connect to and listen on TCP sockets.
I suppose I can write a 2nd bridge from mochad to a Web Service and use that from ST. This should be relatively easier since there appears to be some documentation on that but I don’t want to start from scratch. If someone can point me to a similar DeviceType/SmartApp implementation that I can use as a starting point it would be awesome.
Again: I want to be able to listen to remote events from ST.


Well @zraken I am sorry I misunderstood you. Unfortunately, I know of nothing that goes from X10 to ST. It sounds that you have a possible way figured out though.