[OBSOLETE] Trend Setter

So what’s the point of even using the new app then?

There is none IMHO! Stick to the original until everything, I mean absolutely everything is working in the new version :blush:

:man_shrugging:t5: I am sticking with the old app as long as possible.

I have updated the Trend Setter device handlers in Github with “vid” metadata parameters as close as I could for now so that they work on the new app. Can’t promise it’ll do exactly what you want as some of the types don’t fully match so not all functionality is available.

Very silly question and sorry for being so daft but how do i install this? I have webCoRE and github setup and assumed I would be able to “Update from Repo” but i can’t find it in there. I then tried the “Import button” but I just get the error message “We were unable to load the specified executable” both when trying to add a device handler and smartapp.

As you can probably tell, i am fairly new to SmartThings and i am trying to learn as i go!

Easiest way is to use this its

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I’ve tried to install that but i get an error message when enabling OAuth - i have asked on the forum post how to resolve it so hopefully this will be sorted soon enough. In the meantime, how do i install Smartapps using .groovy code? Everything i have installed so far has used the raw code.

Import the following SmartApps:

TrendSetter (Publish)


Then import the following device handlers but do not publish any of them:

Switch Group

Dimmer Group

Color Temperature Light Group

Colorful Light Group

Colorful Temperature Light Group

Power Meter Group

Hope this helps!

The best way is to use the Github integration if possible but the above should get you going I think.

I followed the instruction given to install the app and device handler but this app is still not showing under SmartApp. Can someone suggest what am I missing?

PS: I was able to figure out. I was looking under Automation -> smartApps. But it was under MarketPlace. This is awesome App. My vote for official samsung smarthings app.


App os what I was looking for and I like the functionality. I am using it via Smartthings Via ActionTiles. When I change the color in ActionTiles, the grouped bulbs both dim down to 1%. Any thoughts.


First off this project is great. Nice work. I am currently using alexa groups and this mirrors it very closely.

The only thing I would like to change is to make it to merge the dimmer and switch device type. right now if you have a group in alexa that has dimmers and switch and you do a setlevel command via voice it just updates the dimmers, very convent. So It would be nice if any commands for a dimmer will only go to a dimmer. but ones that are shared between dimmers and switches like on/off will go to all devices. after a quick look at the documentation for groovy and smart things The functionality exists in "hasCommand" to see if a device supports a command like setlevel. It would be cool to rework this to have this happen. I don’t have the time to learn/rewrite/test this to have this functionality but it would be awesome if it did happen.

I am a noob, so please bear with me for asking simple questions.

I installed this app in ST classic app, created a group with DT Color Temperature Light Group Device, added 4 Sylvania Lightify Adjustable White lights to the group (called it “Office”). And saved the group and saved the “Trend Setter” app.

Now I see group “Office” as a thing under “My Home” -> Things. Now what? How do I associate this thing to the Leviton Decora dimmer that I have added as a thing in my ST app? How can I use that Decora dimmer to control the levels of light.

I’m so sorry for not responding earlier. I’m assuming the issue hasn’t been resolved. I’m unsure why it would do that except if for some reason the data being sent through from ActionTiles to set the colour is including some data that Trend Setter isn’t consuming properly. I think that colours can be represented in different formats in ST and can include alpha values which would apply to the dim level. I don’t have ActionTiles so I can’t test it. The only thing I can suggest is to try looking at the Live Log when changing the colour and seeing if it spits anything useful out.

Unfortunately when selecting devices ST doesn’t let you present more then one type for selection. If it did, then it’d probably work. It might be possible to make it change to a dimmer group device with an optional parameter if the device type selected for the group was Switch. If I get some time (not very likely unfortunately) I will try to have a look, unless someone else feels like having a crack at it and submitting a pull request :slight_smile:

You could try adding the dimmer to the same group as the lights, and turning on the Bidirectional option under the Experimental section in the Group settings. Obviously it’s experimental and I can’t be sure of the behaviour it’d have.

Has this been updated to work with the new app?

I did update the group device handlers to have the new bits that should make the devices show as the correct type in the new app but I haven’t tested it particularly.

The GitHub says no changes have been made for 3 years?

Will miss this smartapp if it doesn’t work in the new app :frowning:

[Update - New Contact Sensor Device Type for Trend Setter]

[Sorry - was drafting release notes and published by mistake - this is not out yet but should be soon]