Wrong light teperature slider in Trend Setter!

Hello there!

Since the Trend Setter main topic is effectively dead, I’ll try my luck with a brand new topic.

I installed Trend Setter recently since it seems to be the only alternative to group lights in a proper way inside of ST app.

I created a lot of groups with my Wiz color RGBW bulbs with help of Colorful Temperature Light Group DTH provided by Trend Setter.

It seems to work fine, except for one annoying little thing! All the bulbs give adjustable white light in 2200 - 6500 range and all individual lights in ST have exactly that range, all fine. But when I group them together, they allways show only 2700 - 6500K on the slider and input field.

I don’t understand this code particullary well but I studied the DTH and there seems to be 2000 to 6500 range for slider already (line 90), so why am I getting from 2700 only? I tried changing this, even to above 3000K and the range always remains in 2700 - 6500 range. I came to think that something else is determining this 2700, and this set range doesn’t have any effect.

The original releaser seem to abandon the ST community completely. Anyone else with some groovy/DTH knowledge that could take a look? Am I missing something? Or at least if someone could give me an explanation why is this happening.


P.S. I know Groovy will be discontinued soon, but I would really want to sort this out! Btw, any similar solution coming up for Edge?

Well … looks like no one gives an f… about Trend Setter anymore, such a shame