[OBSOLETE] Tesla Powerwall Manager Smart App and Device Handler

I’ve made an update to the Powerwall Manager app to now allow you to paste in an access token directly into the app to allow authorization with the Tesla server. You will need to generate and paste in a new token at least every 45 days.

There are several approaches for generating new Tesla tokens, including python scripts and the ‘Auth App for Tesla’ for IOS and Android.

Due to what appears to be limitations in the current way SmartThings groovy handles URL redirection, I’m not sure the app will ever directly support authorization with the Tesla server by entering in your account and password information alone. I would love to be proven wrong, so if anyone here has a solution, it would be greatly appreciated.

The app also allows you to generate and serve the access token posted via a script running on a local server for those wanting a hands-off approach for refreshing the token periodically.

Only limited testing, so please let me know of any issues.

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I am trying to add the smart app but am getting an error each time I try. It is accepting the Tesla access token, and shows it is connected after I add it but when I click done, I am presented with the error in the screenshot.

@mal7887, can you monitor the logging tab in the SmartThings IDE while installing the app to see if there are any related logs there? You may need to up the logging level to debug in Powerwall Manager general preferences first. PM me the logs if you see anything suspicous.

I think I’ve got it setup. Auth with token from Google Authenticator. I get notifications that reserve is set as per my automation settings, however, the Tesla app does not show a change. Is this expected behavior? or should I look for an error in what i did?

I got it working. However, my 6AM trigger is not working, not sure the app is the the problem since the same action will work during the day.

Anyone else having false Off Grid notifications/actions? I am seeing these notifications daily and seemingly random times. I don’t see anything in the normal history in the app that corresponds with these notifications.

I did receive a couple of false notifications a few months ago. Looking at the code, this could happen if unexpected or null data is received. I can put in a check for that.

I think that is likely (at least for me). I see data received around the time it happens in the normal activity log but I haven’t taken it any further by looking at live logging. I do usually check the Tesla app when I get the notification and have not seen any problems there (or in the backup history there). If there is some check you can add, they would be very much appreciated. Thanks for all your work on this.

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Powerwall Manager Version v0.3.30 is now available. This update includes the option to specify a refresh token instead of an access token, eliminating the need to enter a token every 45 days.

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Powerwall Manager v0.3.60 is now available. This update includes the following changes since v03.30:


  1. Added Storm Watch Active status (attribute: stormwatchActive).
  2. Added Delta Watt threshold preference setting for power reporting.
  3. Enabled dimmer level for reserve control/status using the base Powerwall device.
  4. Added Child device creation option for enhanced SmartThings integration options. By enabling child devices in the Powerwall Manager device, you can monitor and control additional Powerwall functions using the built-in Automations routines capability vs apps that support custom command/attributes.


  1. Fixed issue with delta check update logic resulting in power level updates not always being sent as expected.


  1. Added option to choose between multiple Powerwall sites when available. Fixed issue with actions and alerts when returning to on-grid.

Both app and device driver are required to be updated with this change. Note: The Github repository for the app/device-handler has changed and the first post has been edited to reflect new location.

This is great. Many thanks

I have installed this around 24 hours ago and the readings appear accurate. I have inside the app set up a routine to turn on a virtual switch at 95% battery charge and turn it off at 90% but this is not firing.

Am I missing something?

Any chance we can get the option to export “everything” (from the tsla app. . .settings, power wall, energy exports, [solar or everything]) based on the schedule? I’d like to export everything for an hour or so during the peak time each day.

I’d be happy to add this, but unfortunately I haven’t seen the API for this available anywhere yet. This feature also isn’t available for me on my mobile app, so I’m not sure how to track it down. If you or anyone is aware of the command for this, please let me know.

If I can help somehow let me know. I am technical.

I dont have the powerwall, just the tesla solar. I am looking to use the data from the tesla gateway to control my devices. e.g. if power draw greater than x , then turn off thermostat. I installed the device handler, but since I dont have the powerwall, it doesnt seem to work. There seems to be APIs just for the gateway. Can this be modified to be usable just for the tesla gateway

I’ve been away from the forums for a while, since everything in my smart world was working well, but I just read that SmartThings has decided to drop support for SmartApps/Groovy and IDE etc.

From my limited reading, it looks like they plan for the end of September 2022 to be the end of the use of SmartApps and custom Groovy device handlers. Is there any plan to move this development as a new custom Edge device driver? Can that option even maintain current functionality? Or are most people going to give up on ST and move to HA or another platform with hopes that another platform won’t turn their automations on end every 2-3 years with a major platform change that breaks working tech?

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I find this smartapp to be very useful but ST is now saying that it will cease to work Dec31st unless its moved to their Edge platform. Please advise if you have plans to do so.

Again, this is a marvelous app and as you can easily tell very professionally done with a lot of thoughtful hard work. i for one, would hate to see it just die and fade away.

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Thank you all for the kind comments on the app. I’ve enjoyed working on this and interacting with all of you. As announced today by SmartThings, Groovy SmartApp execution will be shutdown on Dec 31 and this app will no longer function. I currently have no plans to migrate this app to Edge, but who knows what will happen in the future.

This app is cross-platform and still works as-is on the Hubitat hub, so that is certainly an option if you need this capability as I do to perform automations that the the native Tesla app is not capable of. When running on Hubitat, the app also has the added benefit of being able to monitor local gateway data directly and command/schedule off-grid status.


hi - sorry to hear you will not upgrade the app. what will you be using to replace it? what language or system would be best to create a similar script as i need to hire a contractor to do this unless you want to convert it for me - it is necessary for me during peak periods to have the battery full and it does not do this by default. thanks!

The Powerwall Manager still works fine on the Hubitat Hub and that’s what I’m using to manage my Powerwall. It won’t be the cheapest solution since you would need to purchase the hub, but I would think that would be the easiest solution since it’s the same Groovy code and you’ll already be familiar with the interface. If you don’t want to spend the money on another hub, there are also python scripts out there you could download and run on an always-on computer or Raspberry Pi or similar.