Broadlink RM mini 3 (Blackbean) Device handler?

Hi guys,
I’m new to the forums (and in fact to Smartthings!) and I have seen that there are a few posts on this and have seen some device handlers that can work with the Broadlink IR devices but they all seem to be using an Android device as an always on web server to control the Broadlink device.
Up until recently this was the only way to control these devices using your voice using the android device as a bridge.
There is now an update and an official Alexa skill to allow voice control and it so far seems to work ok (for what I want). So is there still no way to create a device handler that can control this directly without a bridge?

Unfortunately there are no IFTTT or Stringify services for broadlink yet so I don’t see any way of creating a virtual switch.

Anyone know if anyone is working on this?

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