[RELEASE] Non-Android based REST server to control Broadlink RM blasters

Hey all,

I was looking for a way to control my Robovac remotely and have it turn on/off based on hub states using a Broadlink RM3 blaster, and all I could find were solutions that required an always on Android device. I don’t have any Android devices, but I came across python-broadlink and decided to hand roll my own solution.

Basic instructions on how to set it up via Docker or command line are documented here: https://github.com/Raman325/broadlink-rm-rest

I used my terminal/command line to pre-populate the database with commands, and I’m using webCoRE to make the necessary REST calls to enable my automation - I have the blaster turn on my robovac when the Hub is in an Away state, and attempt to send the robovac back to base when the Hub switches to any other state. I also have set up virtual buttons in SmartThings that I can use to trigger actions on my robovac
webCoRE code here:

I’m sure someone else can release better instructions, but I hope you find this useful!