[OBSOLETE] SmartThings Classic Old Version

Hello. Does anyone know where I can find an IPA file for SmartThings Classic 2.1.7?

Any specific reason you want to downgrade?

The functionality is different in 2.1.7 versus the newest version. I have successfully downgraded our Android phones but have not been able to find a way to downgrade my iPad to date. It is kind of a pain since we have two locations which are being controlled by different devices/accounts so that Alexa doesn’t get messed up.

Could you elaborate a little on what you’ve noticed? There’s no clean way to currently downgrade iOS devices

SmartThings classic has been running on my alarm panel tablet just fine up until the last update and now it will not work at all. How do I go to a previous version, I don’t need whatever new functionality is available on the update since it doesn’t work on my tablet. Very frustrating to have everything worked perfectly and now I have to throw my tablet away and buy a new one just so I can run the update.

@Larry_Keeler, what is not working as exactly? What Android version of your Tablet runs? If you want to revert back to a previous version, then look at APK Mirror for an apk install file for version 2.17.

why would you post a link to an app that no longer works! This thread is so out-of-date.

only the latest apps work on the ST platform .