Downgrading from current iOS verison

I need to downgrade my iOS app and presumably the hub, so that my house will work again.

SmartThings, please post the latest iOS 1.6 build to the app store and downgrade my hub.

1.7 is totally screwing up my house.

We understand that there are things that need addressing in the current version of the iOS app which we are actively working on. We understand the frustration involved but do not offer an app downgrade option at this time. :frowning: Also, Apple doesn’t offer a downgrade option.

I’ve also changed your title, so it can relate better for others, incase others are looking for the same answers.

So April, 1.7 and 1.7.1 have taken something that worked quite nicely, and make it quite useless to me. My house has been broken since you released 1.7

Should I just toss this thing in the trash and find another ZWave compatible system, or do you want to provide a timeframe for me on when my house will work again?

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I’m curious… What is happening with your house since the update? Everything has been working great for me since the update.

EDIT - Never mind, just found this thread with lots of people talking about trouble - iOS 1.7 "Sunny Screen" and Device Discovery bug

Yea things are not so good… They were going in the upward direction then crashed and burned…

While Apple does not allow a downgrade option, it does allow you to release multiple versions of an app, such as a lite version. You could release the previous version as a “lite” version that didn’t offer widgets. It would still have to go through full Apple App Store testing, but it is possible to have two versions in this way. This is how some developers handle iPad 2 restrictions when their most current version will no longer run on that device.

I agree with this ^^. You will have alot less complaints about people not having the new features than the amount you have that have everything broken.
I was able to take my wife’s IPA that was still the old version and instal it on my phone since we share the same appleID. It was pure luck that it worked. If you are able to get the newest version working now then fine but otherwise it would greatly benefit your customers to try to get them the old version back.

Just my $.02


You could re-release the 1.6.x code as 1.7.2 so that we could all go back to something that works.

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This is a serious limitation in the App stores (I don’t think that Google Play has a built-in “downgrade” option either).

It’s a big reason I would never give up my Android. I run Titanium Backup against all critical applications before upgrading, I never upgrade “automatically”, and I can rollback to any of the past few versions of anything, anytime. I’m guessing that similar software might be available for Jailbroken iPhones?

Regardless, I agree that it be extremely helpful to vendors and their customers if they could simultaneously publish the previous version in the app stores; but apparently we don’t live in world where things are done in a sensible way, otherwise the app stores would have this built-in for everything. There’s no good reason not to have this feature. :frowning:

If SmartThings can provide a way of doing this, they they get huge bonus points for innovating thinking and “above and beyond” customer focussed service.

I think an iOS user could be equally as diligent by downloading each version on their computers and putting them in folders incase they overwrite the previous versions.

You can downgrade if you have the application file, so it’d be nice if somebody would post those, but nobody probably collects those any more.

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I have discovered that if I leave my SmartThings box unplugged my house behaves itself. So April, the race is on - you all work to fix the errors, and I will start researching a new Z-Wave hub.

You win if you send me an email declaring the fix, before the new hub arrives at my home.

If I get as far as setting up the new hub and pairing my “things” to it, you lose a customer.

The community wins when they I post the YouTube video of me running my SmartThings hub over with my lawn mower.

Good luck with that alternative… At least one that you can do more than push a button on your phone’s screen to turn something on and off, and mayyyybe setup very simple rules…

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So you really think that nobody is as OCD as me and actually saves multiple previous versions of the Application file? Or is it just too easy on Android to run a backup of the .apk and data, and more cumbersome on iOS?

(When Android 1.7 woes were posted here on the Community, I immediately uploaded a copy of the 1.6.9 APK for anyone to download so they were able to get back up and running as long as they knew how to do a basic Android side-load)…

I also use an iPad (but not very often), so if someone can help me understand how to keep old versions of the App available for recovery purposes, I’ll gladly keep a library of them on my website.

Fix is going out tomorrow guys. Thanks for your patience.


If you have automatic downloads on your computer iTunes account the older version will be in your trash bin. You can grab it from there if you haven’t cleared the bin. Just delete the new version and restore the old.

Well… that could be a problem since I don’t use iTunes on my “computer”; the iPad is strictly the only Apple device in this household, and I have no desire to have such an intrusive extra program on my PC(s) if I don’t critically need it.

If that’s standard or common procedure, though, then I’m really consfused as to why folks here can’t just pull the previous version from the Trash bin as you describe and be back up and running. :confused:

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Yea that was the gotcha, you need to do it on mac or pc.

(EDIT) I don’t do that, it’s just the only way to. Not convenient.

Wild! I have been lazy about emptying my trash recently, and sure enough, the prior revs of the app are there!


Send me the files and I’ll upload to my server to share… And perhaps make a few people happy?

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Along with all the songs you have purchased. :wink: that will make me happy! :wink:

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