[OBSOLETE] Simple Device Viewer

Yes it’s published to me.

Thanks - just tried it and nothing is listed under My Apps.

Once it shows as published in the IDE, then in the Classic App you need to add it. Go to Automation, scroll down to “+ Add a SmartApp”, and scroll down to “My Apps” until you find.

Update: sorry - I missed your last post that said it wasn’t in “My Apps”.

If you followed the wiki instructions linked in the OP, it directs you to login to the IDE at “graph.api.smartthings.com”, which are very old instructions that are not correct for everyone. The correct worldwide URL for the IDE is https://account.smartthings.com/. If you go there and end up at a different URL (not just “graph.api”), then you’ll need to re-install the SmartApp in the correct IDE.

Update2: I just updated the wiki instructions.


Thanks! The second url fixed the issue for me

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You fixed the link in the wiki so thank you for doing that, but the link in your post doesn’t work because it uses “http:” instead of “https” and that gives a timeout error. (At least that’s what happens when I click the link with Chrome)

UPDATE: I take that back, the change you made to the wiki page doesn’t work in Chrome either…

I literally just wrote this (no http at all) and the forum linkified it. It does work in Firefox, interestingly enough. It just means that Samsung doesn’t have a redirector listening on port 80.

The correct worldwide URL for the IDE is account.smartthings.com

I fixed both my post and the wiki to use https.

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I want to show Capabilities : Finedust level. Please add support

Thank you

Upcoming Platform Changes

The platform changes SmartThings will be making on 8/17/2020 might break the last event and online/offline functionality in this SmartApp, but it shouldn’t break the ability to view the status of the devices or receive the other types of notifications.

At some point in the near future, all Groovy SmartApps need to be re-written to use the SmartThings APIs and hosted externally so I won’t be spending any more time enhancing/fixing this SmartApp.

if the changes above end up completely breaking this SmartApp then I’m going to pull the code from GitHub and change the title of this topic to [OBSOLETE]…


Let me be the first to say a huge ‘THANK YOU!’ for all the hard work and support you have given us all with this and all the other coding you have carried out over the years. I for one totally understand it’s just not worth the time and effort to rewrite anything.
Thanks Kevin! :+1:t2::blush:

Blockquote The platform changes SmartThings will be making on 8/17/2020 might break the last event and online/offline functionality in this SmartApp, but it shouldn’t break the ability to view the status of the devices or receive the other types of notifications.

I think that I’m getting warnings that devices are offline when they really aren’t, likely because of the above. No worries, though. I understand that you might not update the app because of changes to the platform. We certainly appreciate all of your prior work, though. Thanks.

One of my favorite smartapps.

I have installed sdv app. I have a zooz zen 15 power switch. I plug in to the freezer in the garage. I tired to set it up so I can get notification when the power goes off. However I did not get any notifications. Can someone share how to accomplish that? Thank you in advance?

Mine too. It’s caught numerous ST’s water sensors going off line (this is basically the only devices that continually go offline, randomly). Any suggestions on what we might use once this migration is finished? I really need something to monitor my devices :slight_smile: Thanks for your hard work, krlaframboise.

The changes haven’t happened yet, but there was a platform issue the other day that temporarily messed up the online/offline status which resulted in a bunch of false reports…

I was just giving people a heads up that it might break on the 17th, but it might not…

Unfortunately if this app breaks then the other device monitoring apps will probably also break so I wouldn’t bother looking for a replacement until after they’ve made the change to the platform.

Yes the SmartApp can do that, but that feature might break in a few days so I recommend waiting until the middle of next week before spending any time on it.


Thank you Kevin and I appreciate your efforts and your time!

In your next update, If it is possible, could you change the notifications so it will accepts two phone numbers seperated by a comma?

I… Am overwhelmed with notifications! :slight_smile:
I have (all battery):
a siren/strobe
2 deadbolts
10 motion detectors
18 door/window sensors

I don’t know what settings I could/should give them! I just want to know if 1. They go offline, and 2. If their batteries are dying.

Could someone dumb this down for me? I’d appreciate it!

Use the threshold setting to determine what threshold should be used to send the notification and the notification settings to restrict how often they should be sent.

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I’m not sure if ST supports that and this app will most likely stop working soon so I don’t want to put any more time into it.

Kevin, thank you for developing the App. I was looking to install it, but read about the 8/17/2020 potential coming offline, and wanted to check how it went past the date, if the App still working or has lost fucntionalities? Thank you