[OBSOLETE] Season proof your home comfort - Honeywell Z-wave Thermostat Manager

For those who have Honeywell Thermostats, I’ve created this app to better handle the comfort of your home when there are rapid fluctuations in temperatures (seasonal, away modes, etc). This is based on the popular Thermostat Mode Director by @slagle, just adding a few new features to achieve a constant temperature regardless of season:

  • fan control
  • emergency heating
  • temperature mode control
  • thermostat away mode

I’ve been using two instances of this app to control my 2 zone Honeywell HZ432 Panel. It may work for you too…:slight_smile:

SmartThings/ThermostatDir.groovy at master · sbdobrescu/SmartThings · GitHub


Very cool!!!

Thanks for the cred here, please add credit to your source as well please :smile:

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does this work with the Lyric?

It’s z-wave based, sorry no Lyric (I changed the thread title to be more specific).

I just installed this, and am not sure where to see emergency heat, or aux heat. In the code, I only see “metadata: [values:[“auto”, “heat”, “cool”, “off”]]” I’m very new to this, am I missing something?

EDIT: Nevermind. I see it under boost. I need to stare at the code to determine what is happening and when.

EDIT2: Ok, I’m just over-tired it seems, and should have just asked this question first…

With this app, I’d like to have the HVAC system go into Emergency Heat when the outside temp is 36ºF or lower, and return to normal heat when the temp is 37ºF or higher. Your app seems like it has all the keywords, but I’m too green to know if it’s what I would need. Any advice or suggestions?

I only enabled the emergency heat on boost, but it can be enabled to any heating set points. Not sure if I would use it as often though, because kicking on the furnace is not cost efficient. The way I set up mine, is when I leave I turn off the heat pump, and when I come back, i turn on the system and kick in the boost to make it warmer/cooler quickly for a set period.

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Oh I see what you’re achieving, that’s pretty neat for a quick warm up.

Unfortunately I live in the NE where it gets really cold and I don’t have any other option but all electric. I’m forced to use emergency heat when temps go below 36. I pay the price, that’s for sure =/

I guess I could try to customize your app for my needs right? I hope that’s allowable, as your modified app is the closest I’ve found to a solution for me.

If allowable, any pointers in what I would need to edit?

Thank you for your response. :wink:

Tried your app @SBDOBRESCU. It is great. You should get it published. Works with my HoneyWell Wifi thermostat.

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[quote=“SBDOBRESCU, post:1, topic:26713, full:true”]
For those who have Honeywell Thermostats…[/quote]

Thanks! Nice work you’ve done here (thanks also to @slagle for the original.

Just so you know, I just got the Centralite (Zigbee) HA Thermostat. I installed it with the officially available device type. It’s been working just fine with my ST V1 Hub (i.e. in the device in the Android app, I can see current temp, setpoints, system mode, fan mode, temp sliders, refresh and configure).

Then, I installed your version of this app (actually, I installed the original one first just to see if it works at all; but then installed yours instead, and it seems improved). It seems to be working. So, that is good for me, and may be important for you to know about in case others who have different kinds of thermostats (non-Honeywell and/or non-Z-wave) and are looking for SmartApps will know this one might work for them.

I admit though, I’m a bit confused about the sections and fields within the SmartApp. Is there any chance you’d be willing to spell out exactly what each and every section and field is supposed to be for (or point me there if you already have it laid out somewhere)?

EDIT: oops…now I just noticed that the heat setpoint is way up to over 1000 degrees. Um…not sure what happened there. I hope it doesn’t mean I’m wrong about it working with my Tstat. lol
Any ideas on that particular issue? …right now, I’m sort of thinking I must have just bumped the device’s heat setpoint slider or something. Wait…now it’s not changing over from OFF to COOL upon temp rising above set point…like, way above. Hmmmm…perhaps I just need to know what each field is really for…

I have no door/window sensors, so I can’t set sensor to turn off the thermostat, and even though it says optional, it won’t let me go to the next screen.