[OBSOLETE] Particle Blind Tilt Control

Well it’s been a while in the making, I’ve been hesitant to release this as the SmartThings to Particle cloud comm didn’t seem to work at first but IFTTT stopped working for me last night so I switched back to direct cloud to cloud and it suddenly worked. Magic!

So here is my Hackster project link:
Particle Blind Tilt Control

It uses a continuous rotation servo but can be easily converted to a traditional servo.

This is really half of a Franken Project that I’ve been building, I like to utilize as much I/O of my Particle Photons as possible so I’m going to post the second half of the project soon since it’s all working.

Entire project in action:


I’d really like to do this, but the mechanics of how it all goes together are difficult for me to grasp. (I actually own a soldering iron, but the wife and cat all head to the opposite side of the house if I begin to use it.) Would it be possible to show some pics or a video of the assembly or current mounting of the components?

I’m about to run a test this Week-End, I ordered all the needed pieces and I will first mockup on a breadboard (no soldering skill needed).
I have an strong electronic background, so soldering won’t be an issue but some people even left the breadboard in the blind rail… so that can be a solution for you.

See here the original trail, there are great insights and mounting idea: Automated Window Blinds - Spark Core

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Yea I got tired of soldering, I just left the breadboard in the header.