[OBSOLETE] OVO Energy (Connect) V2.2.5 (Smart Meter OVO customers)

This Smart App enables OVO Energy Smart Meter customers pull in live electricy and gas usage data into the SmartThings ecosystem.

Author - @Alyc100
getCSSData and HTMLTile elements - @tonesto7

Notable features include:

  • Create CoRE based rules using live energy data such as shutting down appliances on high energy usage or detecting high energy usage when ST is in away mode.

  • Set limits on electricity and gas daily costs and get notified when the limits are exceeded.

  • Pull in energy usage data into SmartTiles

  • Continuously calculates energy usage comparisons from previous day

  • Graph showing last 7 day electricity and gas usage in device tile.

IMPORTANT: This integration requires a Smart Gateway from OVO Energy. OVO Energy are kindly offering existing OVO smart meter customers who are users of this forum a Smart Gateway by request. Reach out to @Teld_47. OVO Energy Customer Help and FAQ

WARNING: This is NOT backwards compatible with the older versions of the OVO Energy Smart Gateway Device Handler code (V1) but can be run alongside so you can migrate any SmartApps over to the new V2.0 devices and then remove the old V1.0 ones.

Latest Versions

Smart App - OVO Energy (Connect) v2.2.5- Updated 25/01/2017 22:20

  • Stop notifications when total power and cost values are TBD from OVO API

Device Handler - OVO Energy Meter v2.4.2 - Updated 11/01/2017 23:50

  • Resolve Android issues for Chart data.

This integration is provided completely free of charge and is open source. If however you really feel like it, you can make a donation here


Installation Guide

To install the OVO Energy (Connect) app:

  1. Add the OVO Energy (Connect) app from GitHub as a new ‘My SmartApps’, select create from code option and paste. Save and Publish.

  2. Add the OVO Energy Meter V2.0 device type from GitHub as a new ‘My Device Handlers’, select create from code option and paste. Save and Publish.

  3. Add the OVO Energy (Connect) app within the ST app from the Marketplace under ‘My Apps’

  4. Add your OVO Energy account credentials (email and password) and select ‘Done’ on top right of app.

  5. You should be able to select your smart meters in the configuration screen.

  6. Once you have selected your devices, click Done on the top right.

  7. Your selected devices should automatically be configured and appear under ‘Things’ with the label ‘OVO Gas/Electricity Smart Meter’

Github Links


Alex - when you moved to OVO, did they fit new smartmeters for you straight away?

No, not straight away. I received an email about 2 months in saying my meters were getting old and I could claim a smart meter as part of the government initiative.

Thank you, Andy.

I found this via a Google search. I will give it a go over the next week or so.

I have not had a good ride with Smart Gateway. Ovo appears no longer to be providing the service for new users of Smart Metering.

After months, Ovo has returned to fit an external aerial and Smart Gateway is working again but only providing historic data.

I have no way of knowing whether other users have their historic data displayed and I still have no answer from Ovo.

It did work for a couple of months but it was very slow and subject to outages. I suspect that they ran into scalability issue.

Regards, Sterling

New update v1.1.1. Now should automatically update state every 1 minute WITHOUT Pollster!

Remove device from Pollster first.
Update with v1.1.1 code, save and publish.
Go into OVO device Things within mobile app.
Click the 3 dots on top right.
Click ‘Edit Device’.
Click ‘Done’ to enforce update() method.
Should be up and running without the need for Pollster.

I contacted OVO recently to find out whats going on with their gateway. They told me that It will not be available until August 2016 at the earliest. They are currently consulting with the UK government over something about it, but hope to have it available again at the end of this year…

Which sucks, because your device type looks awesome!

I’ve been with OVO for almost 2 years now, recently had a Smart Meter fitted. Didn’t know about this Gateway, will be jumping on that as soon as it becomes available again!! :smile:

Hi Alex

Just tried this - worked a charm - time to eat your (virtual) hat! :wink:

I haven’t looked much at the groovy code but intend to look at this at some point. Some thoughts on possible improvements

  • Alert on exceeding a historical percentile threshold
  • Log stats on max/min - maybe this is an entirely different app though.

In any case, thanks for doing this - I’m very excited to play with it in the future. Meanwhile, it’s great to have a look at the current usage.

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Brilliant, just need OVO to open that Gateway up again and I’ll jump on this!

New release OVO Energy (Connect) V2.0 and OVO Energy Meter V2.0

For those 2 users out there using this, the V2.0 update makes set up a lot easier and provides the ability to view some OVO account details within the OVO Energy (Connect) app. The SmartApp introduces the option to send daily cost and usage notifications.

EDIT - New release. OVO Energy (Connect) V2.2 and OVO Energy Meter V2.2
Includes ability to set cost threshold limits on each OVO smart meter. To configure, go into OVO device, click the Cog icon on top right, click Edit Device, and change ‘Set cost alert level’ setting to a figure in GBP. Go into the OVO Energy (Connect) app and turn on ‘Alert when daily cost exceeds amount’ option.

Better calculation of daily cost including standing charge from OVO Energy account API.

Check out version 2. Host of improvements including:-

  • Fetching latest unit prices and standing charges to calculate cost
  • Notification framework for daily usage info
  • Ability to set cost threshold for each OVO smart meter and send notification when breached.
  • Update display to show comparison with previous total cost values

Hey Alex,
I’ve just installed your apps with my OVO smartmeter. All seems configured ok, and can view the OVO Electricity & Gas meter ‘Things’ on the IOS app, but there are no readings showing. It’s not been a full 24 hours yet since I installed, so maybe I have to wait for a full day’s data? Or maybe some other issue or config I’ve missed somewhere perhaps?

i have ovo with the display but no gateway as they no longer supply this !! is there any way round this ??

did you use the gateway @scoobaru

AH…Oh - that’s a shame. I just ploughed on regardless assuming SmartMeter = Smart Gateway - didn’t realise they were two different devices until you pointed this out, and now having googled a little can see why I am now disappointed as I don’t have the Smart Gateway sadly

Yes. Unfortunately the smart app requires this https://www.ovoenergy.com/ovo-answers/topics/smart-technology/smart-gateway/whats-a-smart-gateway.html .

Just out of interest. For those without a smart gateway, does the OVO mobile app display Live Usage? On my iOS OVO app, on the bottom bar I have Home, Usage, Live, Payments, More. If I click ‘Live’, I get my live usage feed in the app.

ill try this for you once i am in front of my home terminal this evening, i can test what ever you need mate

For anyone actually using the device type, check out the new charting tile on the last 7 days of power usage with OVO Energy Meter v2.3.2 Device Handler.

I installed this a couple of weeks ago, and have just updated to the 2.3.2 handler. However all I have ever seen is the Current usage and cost/unit price, I am not seeing any of the historical data.

Even with just that, its a great little app.

Great to hear Roger!
Please update the OVO device handler to v2.3.3 as I found a critical bug in v2.3.2.

Do you just see a large blank space or an empty chart?
Also, did you say that you don’t see Total Cost, Yesterday Total Cost, etc? Are these blank for you?