[OBSOLETE] OSRAM Lightify Smart Dimming Switch(Ultra-fast Zigbee Handler)

Is there a way to use this with Hue bulbs (attached to a Hue Hub)? They have Device Network Id attributes, but they do not have Device Endpoint ID attributes.

You need a smart app that can read button presses and send events.

Why this considered as a button in the app? I am not able to control it by Amazon Echo since its not considered as a switch. Is there a way to make it as switch instead of button?

Because it’s not a switch. It’s a button array. It functions better as a button because there is no switching action.

That said, I had played with that during development. You can try this. Add the following line in the code after capability.button.


Let me know if that works.

I put capability “Switch” in definition () below the line capability “Button”. Now it showed up on Amazon device list. But when I said "turn on " Alexa replied back “that command doesnt work on this device”. :frowning:

You can try this. It works as a switch and can be controlled by Alexa.


I have 3 of these devices in 3 areas on my main floor (Living Room, Center, Kitchen.) I am thinking of doing the following, using your code as a guide:

Double-tap Up, turn on all main floor lighting at 50% dim white lights (regardless of what state they are in.) Following that, single-clicking up or down within 30 seconds of this event cycles through various preset ‘scenes.’ After 30 seconds, single-clicking up or down will only change the scene the area closest to the button (i.e. just the living room.)

The same 30 second window will also apply to dimming via press and hold, it will raise/lower the entire main floor if done within 30 seconds of the double-tap up.

Double-tap Down, turn off all main floor lighting.

To clarify: Single-click up (if the closest area is off) will still turn on just that area. Same thing for dimming outside the 30-second window described above.

Does anyone think this is a worthwhile endeavor?

@adamoutler I’m having a different, but possibly related issue. Rather than losing bulbs on my network, in my case whichever bulb I put in the 5th position under the switch’s device preferences > edit , this bulb does not respond to any button presses from the Osram switch. I shuffled the order of the Device Network ID’s and sure enough the unresponsive bulb is always the one listed in the 5th position.

Any ideas?

Otherwise, great work on this device type @adamoutler . It installs super easily and works perfectly on my first 4 bulbs.

I’m having the same issue. Works great for slots 1-4 but the 5th bulb does not work at all. Swapped bulbs as well. Whatever is in the 5th slot won’t work.

I never tested with that many. That said, here’s the fix.

 for (int i = 0; i < 4; i++) {

Should be.

 for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++) {


  for (int i = 0; i <= 4; i++) {

@adamoutler Thanks for all your work on this, I’m having an issue where everything works, except Holding down for brightness Level Down. (Tap up for on, Tap down for off, and Holding up for brightness level up all work as expected)

This is the debug message that shows up in the log when I hold the down button:
4:48:24 PM: debug stop brightness commanded
4:48:24 PM: debug catchall: 0104 0008 01 01 0140 00 446A 01 00 0000 03 00

Thanks a lot!

This worked. Easy peasy, Thanks!

Huge thank you to @adamoutler . Super easy to set this up and it works perfectly with a 3 Lightify Flex strips i wanted to group together for over cabinet lighting that my wife can control with a physical switch.

Only minor thing I noticed is that I can’t see this switch from IFTTT or Logitech Harmony Hub.

@adamoutler I am a newbie to ST, and I truly appreciate the work you put into this device handler. I noticed a weird quirk: When I just use the OSRAM dimmer switch to control a set of lights, everything works great. However, if the lights have been turned on by another action though smart lighting, such as motion or door open, the lights do not toggle all the way off when using the down button. In order to turn off, I have to use the dimmer to turn all the way on. Then I can turn them off. I am wondering if it is because the OSRAM dimmer switch is not what was used to turn on the lights. I had a thought that maybe I should trigger a toggle on for the controlled lights through the OSRAM dimmer on a door open or motion action, but the dimmer is not available as a selection in smart lighting. Do you think if I added a capability “light” to the device handler you wrote, would that allow the dimmers to be seen as a light and then be controlled by smart lighting?

As a quick workaround, you can press on before holding the button. The device tracks state of the light. I’ve been considering adding a time out to put the device into a neutral state after 5 minutes where it would only send on/off commands but that would be problematic for your situation, but beneficial for mine where I have lights automatically turned off.

The only easy option for both would be to first poll the light for its current state, but that could add up to 2-seconds before any response. I’m not certain there is a way to handle state changes between the bulb and the switch effectively.

Thanks for the quick response. I actually, already was using the workaround once I figured out what was going on. I was more thinking of having the external trigger being able to toggle the switch on (as it works through the smart app button - If I click the on/off in the device listing, it toggles the switch to on as well as the lights)

I was not asking you to change your app. I was asking (as a newb), if adding that capability would allow the dimmer to show up in the smart lighting app as usable. Being only 5 days into Smartthings, I prefer to ask someone else before I break something.

Adam, awesome job on this. I’m using two of these switches so far in my house & the DTH works perfectly for my cases (under cabinet lighting group of tape lights & front door/driveway group) I do have a question if you were still planning on implementing the coming soon ideas? Such as the actions mentioned at bottom of first post? Would be interested if you had done any coding for those options?

Old question, but I have the same one. Bought this dimmer without much research of course. I have Hue, GE, and cree bulbs. But I’d rather not use the GE bulbs for this location (they get too hot for the enclosure) and the Crees are unreliable. If not, I guess I can use it as a switch with that other handler, but I’d rather use this one

I wasn’t able to get this going and I don’t think it’s possible since SmartThings to Hue processing is through the cloud.

What I ended up doing was buying a Hue Tap switch, which turns the lights on/off instantly and has a couple of extra buttons for my favorite scenes. I then removed the wall plate from my existing switch, made sure the switch was on, shut off power, shoved the switch as deep into the box as I could, and installed a dual gang blank wall plate over the switch, which I mounted the Tap to. I now have instant control over my Hue bulbs without concern of them having their power cut, but if I ever need to cut the power, the physical switch is just four screws away.

I have Hues in my kitchen as well and I’ve been using the OSRAM Smart Switch over the switch to maintain power to the Hue bulbs. It works okay but is pretty slow. I am going to try installing one of these over the switch: http://www.kyleswitchplates.com/deep-beveled-single-gfci-decora-rocker-switch-plate-covers/. I think that I should have enough room between the opening in the plate and the physical switch to install a Lutron Connected Bulb Remote in the opening of the plate, in front of the physical switch. Using a Connected Bulb Remote with Hue looks like it works, but it may not be officially supported.

Thanks so much, this works exactly like I want it to. The instructions on how to assign to the proper device could be a bit clearer though. As in how to find the device parameters you want this switch to control and then where to put them. It took me a bit to figure out what that meant and then how to go about it. :slight_smile: