[OBSOLETE] Netgear Nighthawk Router

This is for Netgear Nighthawk Wireless Routers. I created it for my own use and tested on model R6700v2.

It is not complete yet but following functions are running well.



  • Show status of Wifi 2Ghz , Wifi 5Ghz , together with available SSID
  • Show status of Guest Wifi 2Ghz , Guest Wifi 5Ghz , together with available SSID and password
  • Enable/Disable Wifi 2Ghz
  • Enable/Disable Wifi 5Ghz
  • Enable/Disable Guest Wifi 2Ghz
  • Enable/Disable Guest Wifi 5Ghz
  • See a list of attached devices (not complete because I still could not figure out how to display large amount of data on a tile)
  • Reboot the router (enabled or disabled through settings of device)
  • add Traffic Meter (graph if possible)


  1. Just add the device type and create a device with this DTH.
  2. Add the device network ID in hex format (HEXIP:HEXPORT) in device settings
  3. On Smartthings app edit device settings and input IP, Port, user and password for your router management

Normally, the device should display information when it is installed or settings updated. But this is not working as expected. Will fix if I find the solution.

Author - @mrmrmrmr

Special Thanks
@Philippe_Portes - for answering my endless questions and for the great ideas


Does this work for the R8500? This router is tri-band which has an additional 5ghz band.

2.4ghz and guest
5ghz-1 and guest
5ghz-2 and guest

Does this support the additional band?

Looking at your screenshot, all I see are the Guests.

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the screenshot is wrong. I will update it shortly. But my router has only 2 wifi bands (1 2ghz, 1 5ghz)
I don’t know the correct API commands for your 3rd wifi band.
If you get captures on your router while making requests through Genie app, the 3rd wifi band can be added easily.

Oh ok. Cool stuff.

What would really be awesome is if you were able to actually add each band as an individual device that could be switched on or off. This way you could automate the control of your wifi via webCoRE Pistons controlling access without having to go into the device in Things and manually pressing the button on one of the bands.

I am also using the Netgear skill with Alexa to be able to tell her to turn off any of the wifi bands, but having something in ST to automate the stopping and starting of each of the bands would be way cool that I would love to have. Just some thoughts.

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I can do that for you. Just need some time. (packing for a holiday, hopefully I can do it on first week of January - just reminfd me if I forget.)

In the meantime, I will take a look at the DTH and decipher the 5ghz band and see what the differentiating factors on my Nighthawk are with respect to what both 5ghz bands are identified as internally.

Happy holidays!

Great job man i have the same router and applied your work to my st. ITs working great but i would love have some more features like disabling the modem lights or disabling the whole wifi.


Actually, disabling the whole wifi is available in this version. But disabling LEDs is not supported on the Netgear SOAP API.

is there a smartthings icon which I can use for “wired” and “wireless” device indication ?

I’m running a NightHawk r8500 and get the following log errors: I have inputted the correct Hexip:Hexport into the device address, so not sure what is happening here:

c9309bca-a1da-48bc-ab44-2f44b04d52c4  8:11:39 AM: error org.xml.sax.SAXParseException; lineNumber: 4; columnNumber: 34; The element type "meta" must be terminated by the matching end-tag "</meta>".
c9309bca-a1da-48bc-ab44-2f44b04d52c4  8:11:39 AM: debug <html> 
<meta http-equiv='Content-Type' content='text/html; charset=utf-8'> 
<title>401 Unauthorized</title></head> 
<body onload="document.aForm.submit()"><h1>401 Unauthorized</h1> 
<p>Access to this resource is denied, your client has not supplied the correct authentication.</p><form method="post" action="unauth.cgi?id=90304e551bf9aa825fec78620e0d830ae9f3fe0d" name="aForm"></form></body> 

it receives html response from your router instead of XML.
there might be several reasons:

  1. your router’s SOAP URL is different (try accessing the URL http://your_router_IP/soap/server_sa/ from your LAN and send a screenshot from your browser)
  2. remote access on your router is not enabled (try enabling)
  3. your admin/password is not configured correctly on device settings (check settings)

This is cool, just curious how you are using it; disable wifi when in away mode? Seems like there would some devices in my house not working if I did that. The list of attached devices would be useful if I could identify and filter out the wifi devices I expect (only show unexpected devices).

Oh… could this be expanded to set presence if certain devices are active? I think there is another DH/app for WRT routers.

I was debating on that R6700 router; just can’t make up my mind if expensive mesh system will be worth it at my house… Or Ubiquity wired router and WAP(s).

everything is possible. it just needs time.

a smart app can be written to act as you suggest (presence when specific device is attached)
“disable wifi when away” can also be achieved.
but we need to change the device type a little for that.

I don’t know how to create child devices. If I learn that , I can add it later.

Some reasons:

  1. Family comes into town and you give them wifi access to the Guest Network 2.4ghz or 5ghz bands. When they leave town, you shut those down.

  2. Family night / dinner time - kids are all on their devices, texting, streaming movies. Shutdown wifi for dinner. Obviously this isn’t going to stop them with a cellular plan.

Does the API give you access to enabling / disabling whether the SSID is broadcasted or not? This would be big.

Thought I would check this out - looks neat!

I am seeing this in the logs and no data on the DTH - any thoughts?

org.xml.sax.SAXParseException; lineNumber: 4; columnNumber: 34; The element type "meta" must be terminated by the matching end-tag "</meta>".

What model Nighthawk? @kurtsanders reported similar error above.

I have a R6400 v1 which maybe isn’t a nighthawk?

Technically it’s not listed as a Nighthawk on the Netgear site, but it is referred to as one in other places. The functionality I would think isn’t too far off from the R6700 which is what this dth is based on. I have the R8500 which is a tri-band router and more than likely has different calls or internal identification because of the two separate 5ghz bands.

I am going to wait for the developer to get back from the holidays and am going to do a little investigation on my own for those of us with the R8500.

I would be surprised if a solution couldn’t be figured out for your 6400.

well, I can say that this does NOT work on the Asus AC68RT… totally bummed… lol

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