[OBSOLETE] Neo Coolcam Motion Sensor (NAS-PD01ZU-T)

The title and description in Aliexpress will indicate whether it comes with temperature sensor. Do not rely on the model number PD01 / PD02 in the description.

The bulk pack (4 or 10 pcs /lot) can be without temperature sensor too.

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The annoying thing is that when I received mine about 5 months ago it came with the old model’s manual so you can’t even tell which version you have by looking at that.

I think some of the configuration parameters in the handler aren’t supported by your device and they’re most likely being sent to the device every time it wakes up which will shorten the battery life.

If that’s the case then you might want to switch to my Dome handler because the old Neo model has the same configuration parameters.

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Mine exactly came with the old model’s manual as well ! Damn these people…

So i suppose yours had a shortened batter life? how long did it lasted?

Can you link me up to your Dome DH then… I’ll monitor the battery before i switch.

Your device is the old model (motion/light only) so I’m pretty sure it came with the correct manual…

I was able to get the correct manual from Neo so I wrote the handler based on the new motion/light/temp model which is the version I have.

If your device is out of sync then it will be awake for an extra 18 seconds every day so I doubt the battery life will be drastically shorter, but it probably will be noticeable.

I don’t like posting links to other handlers on a handler’s topic so PM me if you need the link, but it’s in the same repository as the Neo handler…

Thanks for the help… i’ll monitor and pm you if i need apointer on the DH…

Interesting, I just got the replacment of my faulty senson and the new one is stuck at 11 pending changes. It has the same raw description. I tried pressing the button manually to wake it up but nothing changed. Otherwise it detects motion and temprature changes just fine…really strange.

If I remember correctly, pressing the button doesn’t actually do anything, you have to hold it for about 1 second…

Can you open live logging, press the button inside the device for about 1 second, wait until the log entries stop, and then post them?

Everything synced during the night. So I guess I just need to wait for the device to wake up.

I am consufing this handler with the plugs where it synced immeadiately.

yes. NAS-PD01Z and NAS-PD01Z ,hardware are the same,just housing are different… and both will have temperature ,motion and lux.

Devices that run on batteries sleep so the handler can’t send the changes until the device wakes up which is usually every 4 hours.

For future reference, you should be able to send changes immediately by holding the action button for about 1 second.

According to what @lennylsl was told, there is a model that doesn’t support temperature and the model #/device id reported by the device is 1083…

we’re the seller from neo coolcamofficical store in aliexpress. all motion sensor will have temperature features ,won’t produce it without temperature motion sensor now.

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in other words, i feel that i’ve really been deceived into buying something that i thought could do and was actual an old stock.

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Hi Kevin, thanks for such a great DTH!

I just have a question… what does “Suppress duplicate motion events” do?

Correct me if i’m wrong, if it’s enabled by default, it means that if a motion event happened within the default 30 seconds time, it will not reset the 30 seconds timer… is that correct?

Another question, does the sensor show a log saying that device is awake every 4 hours? if not, how would I know if it’s sync’d other than waking it up manually?

any idea how to get the device to sync without having to manually wake it up? It’s been like that for 20+ hours.

Open the device and hold the action button for about 1 second.

If you open Live Logging in the IDE before doing that you’ll be able to see the sync progress.

Push the button on the device many times, next to the battery and the device will sync

Hi, how can I define an offset to adjust temperature?. That’s

This handler currently doesn’t support that.

Thanks, and the are some way to connect l crutch the difference? Lot of thanks