[OBSOLETE] Modified version of smart alarm with hue support

I started using smart alarm again because of the issue of Smart home monitor SHM not working now and the recommendation that we stop using it… I noticed it did not have hue support and I like to turn on a hue bulb and leave it on like it did in SHM so I can visually see there was an alert. (I don’t use the siren unless the house is empty as it is too unreliable and I don’t want to piss off my wife)

Anyway, Since smart alarm did not have it I modified it to add this capability in the alerts. I also noticed that the history page was not implemented completely. I finisihed that.

here is a synopsis

  • Version 2.4.3 modified by lgk (3/21/2016)
    12 * modified by lgkahn to add hue color alerts,
    13 * also finished implementation of the history status page in the smart app, so we can see event histories. (implementation was incomplete for this in the original released version)
    14 * alarm is cleared after 3 minutes… i didnt want to change that as i am not sure making it longer will cause a timeout in smartthimgs
    15 * I had the hue in clearalarm and it was resetting after the 3 minutes. but I dont want that… I want the light on till I turn it
    16 * off to show there was an alarm, So I changed this behavior… It only fully clears when initizing the smart app.
    17 *

here is my git hub page.


Great! @geko might appreciate a Pull Request if he’s submitting updates to SmartThings…

I don’t believe he is. I have the updated version that syncs the SHM status and the SmartAlarm status, and that is awesome, but got it from a post in a thread somewhere and its not official.

Hmmm… SHM API is unofficial and unsupported, so it might prevent approval of modifications for publication in the Marketplace…

Smart Alarm is among the top few “published” Community Developed SmartApps, so it would be nice to keep it alive and evolving in published form.

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Once I figure out how to do a request I will. Also still a work in progress I want to they and get my Samsung smartcams working. As for the version that integrateds with sham …kinda a moot point as shm status is currently worthless.

There are a few more additions enhancements I want to do and if anyone else has ideas let me know.

  1. separate colors for water, smoke/co2, other/intrusion

  2. the delay does not work as I’d like or like any alarm system I’ve seen. It delays and only trips if the zone is still active after the delay. I will also add a 10 and 20 second delay, (30 is current min). and change this to work like normal alarms… ie if the zone is tripped it will alarm after the delay unless the system has been disarmed.

  3. I’d also like to add a device type to couple with this so that we can add say an home alarm room and add the alarm device type to the room to see status kinda like shm. It would have a multi attribute tile, to show
    arm status, if the alarm is currently tripped (with color), and last alert time and zone, it would also be nice to have a disarm , reset tile, but I am not sure you can do two way communication between a smart app and device type and in addition I am not even sure what capability the device type has that would allow me to get general status information and text message back… If anyone has ideas please let me know.

  4. and off course as I mentioned Samsung camera support but again we don’t even have a general device type for this camera only the crappy built in one which is not really a device type. but I will look into it.


“SHaM”… That’s a great Freudian slip / autocorrect WIN! for referring to Smart Home Monitor! :laughing:

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Where did you find this version, and does it have a way to turn off the siren for flood detector?

I literally cannot find it. was buried in a thread. I can post the code from that as it seems to have been working (as SHM works)

I surely appreciate fellow Community members enhancing Smart Alarm and keeping it alive. Unfortunately, I’m not in the position to spare any time on its further development at the moment due to work and family obligations.

Also, adding features that address specific needs of only few users would make Smart Alarm unnecessarily complex and difficult to maintain. Smart Alarm is a fairly large app and it’s maintenance has become quite difficult due to the fact that SmartThings’s development environment is severely handicapped. Specifically, you cannot define classes or create libraries. Everything must live in a single file. It’s not really meant for serious software development, only for occasional scripting, not exceeding a few dozen lines of code. It was kinda fun to learn two years ago, but their development environment have not improved over time and I grew tired of it. In other words, I don’t consider SmartThings a viable development platform anymore.

Another, and perhaps the most important reason is that I’ve practically gave up on SmartThings as a security system. I still use it for lighting control, casual monitoring and notifications. But that’s about it. If things change in the future, I may reconsider, but based on my two-years experience, chances are pretty slim. V2 fell too short of expectations and was a big disappointment for me personally.

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I definitely empathize with all the sentiments in your post. @pstuart is building some sort of IDE importer / exporter tool, actually, perhaps it could even have a preprocessor to use #include statements and so forth.

What would be your and SmartThings’s policy on letting someone inherit the stewardship of Smart Alarm (or any foss Community Marketplace SmartApp for that matter)? @slagle?

SA is likely the most popular Marketplace published non-trivial Community SmartApp! It deserves stewardship and legacy recognition… Or something…

Smart Alarm is GPL’ed. Anyone can make any changed to the source code as long as it remains open and distributed under the GPL terms and conditions. :slight_smile:

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Good… But I have no idea what happens to a project like that with possibly multiple mod contributors and no leader.

SmartThings hasn’t any incentive to lead the effort due to SHM. I guess something organic might happen.

ie, Somebody has to take the reigns to submit and support if it’s to evolve in Marketplace.

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I would totally pay 25 bucks for a single working, updated and supported version of the Smart Alarm app.

Could you please post the smart alarm code that you have that works, please? I have tried a few versions and I cant seem to get to trigger an intrusion properly. I can arm and disarm the system from my Iris keypads and even with an exit delay but nothing happens if a door or motion detector is triggered (the keypad still says armed away)

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No opinion one way or the other, but since SmartAlarm is GPL3 (?) open source licensed, it and any new version cannot be closed source.

Sales are allowed, but the code availability limits the ability for a vendor to ensure a sustainable revenue stream unless users consistently pay for “support”.

couldnt someone fork the original if the developer doesnt want to develop it anymore and create their own version based off the original?

its just a shame that its such a great app but could use some work here and there.

ps - “i would totally pay 25 bucks for “support” on a SmartAlarm like app”


That’s the difference between Apache 2.0 and some other “unrestricted” open source licences and GPLv3.

Do some Googling for the exact details, but GPLv3 is a serves an “admirable” purpose (not that there’s anything wrong with Apache 2.0, other open source, and closed source…):

  • GPLv3 encourages “paying it forward” by insisting that anyone who builds something upon the licensed code, must apply GPLv3 to the entire new product (again… there are small exceptions).

  • So… If I add some branding, a support contract, or even amazing enhancements… I can charge a fee it … that’s allowed, but I must always also offer the complete new source code for free to anyone and everyone whether they pay for it or not.

sorry lol graspin at straws here.

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not sure what you mean… my modified version works perferctly i am still using it in two locations and jjust recently had a leak sensor go off. and an alarm when the door opened.

however i dont know anything about your keypad and it is not designed to work with that. but any smart app that changs from home to night etc. will automatically disarm smartalarm… so maybe you are confusing smart alarm with shm… don;t do anythingn with the shm modes.

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