[OBSOLETE] MCO Z-Wave switch (DTH in post 31)

Well here is the update I received back fro Aeon Labs in regards to the update time line on the creation of a Multigang 1 touch panel.

Short version it isn’t happening and we will never see it. So if you were waiting on it to retrofit your place you’re out of luck.

Hi Dave Bodtker,

Ticket: https://aeotec.freshdesk.com/helpdesk/tickets/2814

I apologize for my delay in response, since CES, i have been catching up to as many emails as possible that have not been responded to since.

We have designed a 4 button touchpanel called the wallmote, we have shown it off during CES 2016, and should be available this coming year, i would guestimate right around Q2 or Q3 of this year.

Though i think this is the only other wall panel currently that is in development, if there was a plan for Multigang configurations, then it may not have gotten through the pipeline due to supply and demand.

Chris Cheng
Field Application Engineer
Aeon Labs

@slagle / @jody.albritton - with a lack of uk lighting devices and a sudden growth in interested in these devices it would be ace to see an official device type made for the 1 Gang / 2 Gang / 3 Gang / 4 Gang models of this MCO HOME Switch - a hacked method has been created above but ideally would need multi channel association which i believe is only something in house could do - is this sort of thing on the roadmap at all ???

Any other users reckon they could inprove or assist on this also — great product — @tgauchat / @codytruscott / @smart / @Mike_Maxwell


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@peter.major I tried to use your device handler but without any success…

I have an MCO Home MH-S412.
=> I have created a device handler based on your source code.
=> I have associated it to my switch

Then in the Smartthings application
=> I go to the switch page, only one button appears. Is this normal?
=> When I press this button, nothing happens. Any idea why?

As a side note, my ST Hub is working fine as my MH-S411 switches work fine :slightly_smiling:

Hi @Cedric

Yes the device handler will only show one button.

For a mutli-channel device represented as a switch, the I’ve coded the on/off switch to represent on all/off all.

If you install the associated SmartApp and associate Button 1 and Button 2 to devices that are the real devices you want to switch on and off it should work.


Let me know if it doesn’t work for you and I can try to help you more…

@peter.major this means that if I install your handler and associate it to my switch, it should function. No?

Cause, it does not.

Just did the following

  • created the device handler
  • created the smart app
  • then linked the device to the device handler
  • created a simulated Zwave switch


  • installed the smart app and linked my device to smart app button 1, linked the simulated device to smart app button 2

Then tried the 2 devices on ST… Nothing happens

@smart is resurrected,guys! Spent too much time on the freaking political drama and I am back! So, what’s up! :wink:


Welcome back buddy. It’s not so much of what’s up! But more like what’s broken!:disappointed:

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Evening alll

Has anyone managed to get MCO TOUCH PANELs working yet — 1gang / 2gang / 3gang / 4gang :slight_smile:

Eagerrrr to purchase these or similiar switches if anyone has any recommendations?!?

If not id be interested in crowd or fully (price dependant) funding the creation of this integration as i believe still its great product and 12months later st has made no progress in this field themselves :slight_smile:

@AutomateEverything @JDRoberts @Cedric @peter.major @Techvert
Have you got any solution for MCO 4 Gang Touch Panel.

Anyone sorted how to use all 4 switches of MCO Touch Panel using SmartThings ?

I really need help with this please. I’ve bought 10 pieces and got stucked by only being able to use 1 button automatically.

Thank You

Hi Omar

Good to hear that you’ve bought the MCO Z-Wave switch. I’ve got two-button and one-button switches in use in my house and they are great.

I’ve built custom device handlers to get them to work with SmartThings, as the default Multi-Channel device type written by SmartThings does not work with this switch.

Some good news and some bad news for you…

Bad news;

  • I didn’t write the four-button device handler because I don’t have any of those switches. Building a generic handler that handles all variants is possible but a bit more difficult.
  • They’re not particularly easy to set up. The fingerprint of the switches keeps changing, so the device handlers I wrote discover some switches and not others that I buy (I’m guessing they change the fingerprint with each small revision of the model)

Good news:

  • You can get these to work with SmartThings
  • I’ve written device handlers to work with the 1 button and 2 button switches (S312/S411/S412)
  • The 4xx series are great switches, the 3xx series aren’t so good. Hopefully you bought the 400 series…

These switches are hard to setup as they “encapsulate” each button (light) as a channel, all within a single device. Unfortunately different multi-channel devices encapsulate channels slightly differently. It’s been a while since I wrote the device handlers, but by memory SmartThing’s device handler uses the first channel for something and then uses channels after that for the buttons, where the MCO switch puts the button channels first, then uses the last channel for something else… That’s why the default SmartThings device type doesn’t work with this switch.

The switches work best one you set it us as one device for the switch, and one device for each button on the switch.

This sounds a bit counter-intuitive, but it’s best to consider the actual switch to be a different node from the each button.

Then you need a smart app that listens for a command on a “channel” of the switch and converts that to a command to the external device (light).

Here is a device handler I’ve written:

And here is the related smart app:

If the fingerprint is right, then SmartThings uses the correct device handler as soon as it sees it. But if MCO switch has a fingerprint I haven’t seen before, then it would install as a Multi-Channel device type and I change the device type in the SmartThings web app.

The above device handler won’t work out of the box with a four-button switch, but if you’re a good programmer or you know someone who is, they should be able to modify this device handler and smart app for you.

Let me know how it works out.

Kind Regards,

@peter.major @Techvert @JDRoberts @Cedric @AutomateEverything


I’ve made a device handler for MCO 4 button switch and its working perfect for me as an each individual button in ST. Attaching my code below.
I can control (on/off) all 4 switched via ST. However can’t control via Alexa each individually. Alexa is controlling all 4 of them as 1. My MCO 4 Button switch is 300 series. But am asumming the same coding works for all.

I think it’s because MCO switch in ST combines all 4 switches in one ‘app’ (see pic attached). Whereas these all 4 switches should show in “MY HOME” section.

I hope am sounding right and making sense. Please try my code ones by yourself, you’ll clearly get what I mean.

Hi Omar

Good job getting the device handler working with the 4 button switch.

I use Amazon Echo to control my lights from the multi-button switch.

The key to getting this working is the diagram I posted earlier.

You should create four “virtual switch” devices. Each virtual switch represents one button on the actual switch.

Never turn on or off lights (in Smart Apps or Amazon Echo) with the actual switch. Always use the virtual switches.

You will need the smart app (see the app attached above) that listens on the virtual switches, and sends encapsulated commands back to the actual switch.

Additionally, the app will watch for encapsulated commands on the actual switch and update the state of the virtual switches.

I hope that helps. Let me know if that’s not clear…


Hi guys

I am new to smartthings. I just bought a few gr smarthome a switches similar to mco. They are 2 and 3 switch and I have the same issue.

Can you give me how do I install the device handlers you have written or how can I create my own. At the moment smartthings just detects it as Zwave multi channel device

Does anyone knows a good place to buy MCO-Touch-Panel-2, ebay and amazon they are almost 100€ :frowning:

Hi Peter,

I have installed your device handler and smartapp for the MCO switch, but I’m unable to get it to work correctly.

When I press on the physical button on the switch, nothing happens even though I’ve bound the switch to a device through your smartapp.

However, when I press refresh on the MCO Panel device, then the connected light turns on or off.

How can I get the switch to refresh or update automatically?


Hi Peter,

Thanks for sharing the codes, I am new here and managed to setup a 2 gang switch. Please bare with me for a few questions.

  1. Why is there a need for 1 button handler and smartapp? I suppose the handler is to auto detect the device type, but we can always change manually to ‘Z-Wave Switch’. But what’s the purpose of the 1 button smartapp?
  2. How can I find the fingerprint of the switch? I am using 312 but can’t seem to be auto detected. Please share with me how can I find out the fingerprint so that I can modify accordingly.
  3. By any chance you can provide the 4 gang handler and smartapp?

Thanks Peter

I also bought the MCO 2 gang 312 and 4 gang 314 light switch facing the same problem.
Able to control on/off via smartthings app but when physically switch on and off, it does not reflect on the app.

I have already flagged this issue to MCO and they have already bought a ST hub for testing and trying to make it work.
Hopefully we can see some magic soon.
I am not a programmer thus i am not able to provide any insights to MCO or assist with any coding.

Really hope to see these beautiful switches works with smartthings seamlessly.

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I use CoRE to refresh every minute.


Thank you for your device Handler and Smart App it works beautifully and seamlessly, I particularity liked the diagram you supplied to accompany your instructions it made the logic a lot easier to understand.

Having recently bought the MCH Home Dual gang switch and assumed that the multi channel device handler would suffice I forgot to check if ST supported it. So your programming has saved the day as these switches are not the cheapest to make mistakes with. It’s good folk like you sharing your ideas and efforts that really make the ST owners experience a great one.

Thank you