[OBSOLETE] Lowes Iris and XFinity CentraLite keypad DTH + Apps

so I received my xfinity centralite 3400 keypad today, have it discovered into smartthings now, using lock-manager and having issues getting it to arm/disarm. Not sure of the exact process? or is there a better keypad app I should be using? any help will be appreciated!

Keypad coordinator by @bamarayne

how do I install the keypad coordinator? I can’t find the instructions for that app


  1. open this page
    [RELEASE] Keypad Coordinator - Bring out the power of your Keypads

  2. click on the “wiki” link

  3. look for section called "Keypad Coordinator Software - Current Releases"
    open each (github) and copy each handler.
    Echo : Keypadcoordinator "Parent App"
    Echo : Keypad-Profiles "Child App"
    Echo : Virtual Person “Device Handler” (ONLY if you need virtual presence sensors that the keypad controls)

  4. Open your IDE, go to smartapps.
    click add new smartapp.
    from code.
    paste code.
    publish for me
    repeat for each (for the presence sensor, instead of smartapp, go to device handlers, add, from code, etc…)

  5. go to phone/tablet
    my apps
    keypad coordinator (parent)
    follow instructions.

this help you out?

yes that helped out, still having trouble getting my keypad working at all, its showing that the device is unavailable now. I have it set as the lock-manager, but I still am doing something wrong with this device… does anyone have the centralite 3400 keypad working? and what were the steps they went through from adding to smartthings to making it the right device type showing battery life and what not, then have it work with entering codes for entering and exiting.

ive never had soo much issues with a device before, this is crazy…what a piece of junk this xfinity 3400 is. I get it installed ( for the fifth time ) and everytime I setup a user with a code, then goto input it in the keypad, it flashes all the modes red constantly, and now its doing nothing…only a matter of time before it disconnects and becomes unavailable. anyone else have this issue?

I understand your frustation, experiencing a very difficult intstallation. However, I now have a functional Xfinity 3400 keypad working with Smarthome, mitch ponds centralite keypad DTH, e Thayers lock manager (dont use the deprecated user lock manager) and my own custom EntryDelay smartapp. the Xfinity 3400 is very similar to the Centralite and uses the same DTH.

My EntryDelay is close to Beta release but if you want to try it out now with the “update from repo” use: arnbme/SHMdelay/master or get it at https://github.com/arnbme/SHMDelay. The child app does not need to be published.

Occasionally the keypad acts up and all the icon lights flash for reasons unknown, but arming the system with the phone app seems to cure it.

You did not mention if you are using Smarthome or SmartAlarm. As I mentioned above I use Smarthome and have the following lock manager settings:
On the keypad: Act as a SHM device is ON, no routines set here, Arm Delay: 30
On Keypad settings optional
arm/away goodbye
disarm im back
arm stay and arm Night: good night
I have 3 users on the lock manager with no user routines

Under “Advanced” Overwrite is set ON No idea what it does.

To Arm the system:
press an icon Stay Away or Night then enter your 4 digit pin code

To Disarm
enter your 4 digit pin code

BTW my device does not work with the keypad coordinator.

I’m not sure what you mean about smarthome or smartalarm, is this not smartthings incorporated? and my device is unavailable again, I don’t know why it keeps doing this? has anyone experienced this before? its done it about 6-7 times today alone

Smarthome is part of Smartthings, however it lacks many features people want in an alarm system, such as entry delay, exit delay, zone, and support for keypads for starters. SmartAlarm is a Smartapp you can install that runs in the cloud.

It’s your choice on which to use. If you have not installed SmartAlarm you are using SmartHome. The lock manager provides the exitdelay, my smartapp has an entrydelay, or you can code a entry delay webcore or core piston.

Not sure why so many installs, but if it does not show as a Centralite Keypad you can force the device type by going into the IDE

  1. Login to the IDE at https://graph.api.smartthings.com
  2. Click ‘My Locations’
  3. Under ‘Name’ click on the named location
    (The URL changes to the server name servicing this location. Smarthings calls this a shard)
  4. Click 'My Devices
  5. Click on the device then scroll down and click edit
  6. Select Centralite Keypad in the type dropdown
    7 click update

Hang in there. This device is 100% community supported and requires some time to grok the thing. The community helped me get my device running. Hope I can help you.

When you say unavailable it is dropping out of communication with the hub? Is the battery good?

How far is it from the hub and are there other zigbee devices in the area or between it and the hub?

Try bringing it closer to the hub until you have it working.

the device is literally about 6 feet from the hub, I have much much further things in my condo working with the hub. Even the door contact sensors are futher than the keypad and there isn’t any issue. I’m not sure what the issue is but its super frustrating.

I also don’t see a centralite keypad device type there, just a thermostat device type from centralite. I assume I’m suppose to install the DTH but can’t find exactly where to do that, I see posts all over this forum but nothing actually directing me there

apparently I had to reset the device and readd it, it seems to have added as a centralite keypad now…WOW progress! thank you for your patience, ill keep you posted

Never mind. Seems you’ve made some progress

I think I have made progress, but entering the wrong code will disable the keypad for alittle, also…is there a way to view current users that you’ve created?

The keypad runs remote, not on your hub. Delays happen on servers and the internet. Giving the device a few seconds between commands while testing may help.

I assume you are using E Thayer’s Lock Manager. Open the app, tap on a User name to see their pin. If you are using something else, what is it?


I’m obviously doing something wrong here, I have it finally installed, but everytime I add the keypad and add a user, it doesn’t save, what am I doing wrong? I added the xfinity as the keypad, then I added a user, click done and all that stuff, leave that smartapp, go back and its not there under installed…hmmm

I bumped into that issue on another app. Before creating any profiles, the Lock Manager’s Parent app- Lock Manager - must saved, published for me then installed on your phone app. The other modules simply need to be created and saved. Not sure about the saved part, but it wont hurt, however those modules do not have to be published or installed as smartapps. All users, keypads and locks must go through the Parent Lock Manager.

If this is not how you are setup, delete all the Lock Manager apps, then reinstall using the documentation in the Lock Manager release message.

I did that, I can now see my users, just entering the codes now doesn’t do anything…just keeps flashing all the modes

Yep bumped into that and wish I understood the cause, very annoying. I can key codes in and nothing happens.

In the Lock manager app–>Keypad–> “act as SHM device” make sure it is ON, then try using the Smartthings phone app Dashboard to change the armed mode. Thist sends a status change to the device and usually clears it. Once it clears the good news is it rarely happens.

Should you determine how to recreate the blinking lights, please post it here.