[OBSOLETE] Lock User Management (LUM)

Wouldn’t this still unlock the front door? Testing in the app the only lock with real physical keypad I can select is the front door lock, which is where the code would get programmed to but if any code programmed and active is successfully entered on the keypad of my front door lock while it is locked, would cause it to unlock. Not sure if there would be way to create configuration flag that would prevent the app from sending unlock action to the door after code is entered.

You can define custom actions by code.

So let’s say you want 1234, if entered on the front door lock, to open the garage door. You would setup 1234 and assign it this the front door lock.

Then in the custom actions for that code, you would tell it to open your garage door. It won’t do anything to your front door lock, but you could disarm SHM or run a routine as well if you want.


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A writeup on how to protect keypads from the elements:


Hi there! I absolutely love this app, it is the perfect solution for my use case. I am having a slight issue with a delay though.

I have an ADT/Smartthings hub and I utilize the Lock User Management app to disarm the ADT panel when the correct code is entered. What happens next is that the door unlocks, I walk in the door, the ADT motion sensor senses me, and the alarm goes off for about 3-5 seconds before the command that was send for Lock User Management disarms it. I have neighbors upstairs that aren’t thrilled every time it has happened :confused: I would imagine that I could put a 30 second entry delay, but I don’t see how. The check box on the actual panel that says entry delay is checked green, but still I get the same result. Do you have any idea what I can try next?

If you were using SHM I would have recommended using Intruder Alert with Actions where you can add an entry delay, but since you’re using ADT it should work out of the box with your ADT setup. Maybe try to reset it and see if that helps otherwise you may need to contact ST support to see why the ADT delay isn’t working.
You may also want to confirm that it’s your ADT system triggering the alarm and not some other custom automation rule triggering the alarm.

Hello. Love the app. One thing i can’t get working. I would like SMS notification when a user code is used but no matter what I do I don’t ever get a text. I can get a text when the general lock notification is on but never for user codes.

I was wondering if anyone was having a similar problem that I’m seeing. I have a house mode setup that should be changed to when a specific user enters their PIN. I am seeing the user in the events for the door lock and my WebCore notification is working when the user enters their pin as well. Unfortunately the house mode is not being changed. I have this set in the user management, Custom actions/notifications, and define custom actions for set to on. The Change mode to Respite is set. I have nothing entered in the “Do NOT run the above unlock actions for door under any of the following conditions” area.

I don’t know if this is a result of me playing with the new Smartthings app? I’ve since gone in an turned that automation off to make sure that it was not affecting the classic app. I also double checked that I am using the Rboy DTH. I’m on the latest version of the Smart app.

I am using this app with your universal device handler on a yale keyless lock.
Im having trouble getting the app to add codes.
Do you need to account for the “master” code that this lock requires?

You don’t need to worry about Master codes since they cannot be changed/programmed remotely. Very few locks like Yale/IDLock allow you to actually use Master codes to operate a lock. The Enhanced Z-Wave Lock DTH + LUM detect and report it as Master code or User 0. It is advisable NOT to use master codes for unlocking/locking.

99.99% of programming issues are due to mesh problems. This has been extensively addressed on this topic and the FAQ page. We’ve added color codes for each user to make it easier to see what the lock is doing, details of the colors in the first post and on the LUM FAQ page. I would recommend starting by ensuring that your locks are within 20ft of a buffering device (a hub doesn’t buffer), reboot the hub and do a z-wave repair.



Any thoughts on this issue with changing modes?

It’s working here, so assuming that your configuration is good (i.e. other actions are running, just the mode isn’t changing), I’m guessing your platform instance is timing out. It’s rare but it happens to some users because some actions are slow/expensive actions. What folks have done in such cases is have the app action run a Routine which in turn changes the mode/execute slow actions that can time out.

What I originally had setup was to run a routine which in turn changed the mode. This worked great for a long time. When it stopped working with the routine, I changed it to just do the mode which also didn’t work. At first I thought it was a conflict between the General settings and the individual settings but I wiped all the general unlock actions away. I’m not sure what else to test at this point. I created a webcore procedure to watch for the user entry for unlock and then manually fire off the mode change successfully. It works but as you can imagine, I’d rather leverage the app which otherwise is working perfectly.

Hi it seems as the latest version v07.05.04 has wiped away my locks? Or possibly smarter things wiped away the configurations? I have tenants in my building and I’m out of town. Is there a way to recover without resetting everything up from scratch?

Depends on what’s going on.

If your locks have disappeared from the ST Mobile app then you’ll have to report it to ST support as it’s a platform issue, or exclude and pair the locks again. Any codes already programmed in the lock will continue to work. You just can’t make changes until ST finds a way to restore your locks or you exclude/pair them again. There have been reports this week where folks with multiple locations have seen devices disappear from one location and show up in a different location. You should report it to ST support so they can investigate.

If ST/accidentally wiped your user names/codes from the app, then just enter them in again into the app.

I have 3 locks in my home. I want the same users of 2 of my locks but a different user on my third lock. Is this possible to set up? If so, how. Thanks

Select all your locks on the home screen and then for each user in their respective pages you can select which locks you want them programmed. If you don’t select any locks on the user page then the app programs all the locks selected on the home screen, so this way I can choose which locks are assigned to individual users all from one app.

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It’s really disappointing that Smart Locks does not work on the new app. That said, I’m looking for additional features like the notifications that Smart Locks does not provide. I’m seriously considering the purchase of the RBoy license for just the use of Lock User Management never mind all the other apps. Here’s my question though: is there a risk of Samsung not supporting the classic app and thus nullifying the good 3rd party work RBoy has done?

Hi There. LUM is compatible with the new app. Once you’ve installed LUM you can access it through the new app in the Automations tab. What we’ve heard from the staff is that they’re working on adding the ability to install groovy smartapps from the new ST app. Until then you’ll need the Classic app to install any groovy apps. We’re also working closely with ST to explore the best options going forward as their new app/API still needs a lot of work.
ST is also working on a web app to replace/augment the new ST app. Hopefully once they add that ability to the new app, it’ll also be available on the web app.


Hi, I have got a Yale lock with RFID and PIN (YMF30+). It’s a Mortise lock.
I’ve installed and configured the Zigbee module with Smartthings hub. Everything is working fine, except that LUM reported back that my lock only has maximum of ONE pin user. That user can be programmed with code without any problem.
However, according to Yale’s Zigbee documentation, their locks should support either 250 or 500 users via the network module, depending on the model.

I’ve tried changing DTH from the default “Zigbee lock” to jhamstead’s “Enhanced Universal Zigbee lock” and got the same problem. I really want to use RBoy’s Enhanced DTH but Zigbee is not supported.