[OBSOLETE] Lock User Management (LUM)

Just to make you aware, you should not be using IDE for Edge drivers. Use API Browser+ or CLI.

Please do not use IDE to try and switch to an Edge driver for a device that is using a DTH. It does not work that way.


Yeah, I kind of thought that based on a lot of other posts, but I was hoping something had changed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve subscribed to the new drivers, (Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock). But now what? Neither LUM nor RLA is working.

This driver is intended as 1) an Edge driver replacement for their former DTH; and 2) an Edge driver that provides more capabilities and settings than the stock lock Edge driver. It has no relationship to LUM or RLA at the moment since there are no replacements for them in the new architecture.

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@gjanes, @jkp is correct. I think there’s a confusion in the names used for each platform. So, here’s more info for some clarification:

  1. All the options that you can select for “Device Type” in the IDE are a DTH, not a driver
  2. Even if you change the option selected there to “placeholder”, it won’t be moved to a driver, you must reinstall it for that purpose through the app
    a. In this option, you need to make sure one of the ST drivers support your device or that you already installed the custom driver that does
  3. You can check which drivers you have installed easily from the app. To do so, follow these steps:
    a. In the ST app, go to the Hub and enter its details
    b. Click on the menu (three-dot symbol in the upper-right corner)
    c. Select “driver”.
    You’ll see the list of installed drivers and the channels in which your Hub is enrolled
  4. To quickly check what’s controlling the device, if you enter its detail view, go to menu and you don’t see the option “Driver”, it’s likely using a DTH, otherwise you’ll be able to see which driver is controlling it.
    Another option is to query the API and the tool mentioned by @jkp can help you check that (API Browser). In case you can use the console of your operative system, you can install the SmartThings CLI.

So I recall a communication from smartthings some time ago that said the drivers would be upgraded automatically.

Following your instructions, I checked several of my hubs. One shows the driver option under the context menu for all locks, and another one doesn’t show any with the driver context menu. I’m assuming that means the one not showing that menu option isn’t using edge drivers yet.

So then I’m confused. I thought the groovy platform and custom device handles no longer worked, and that devices would automatically transition. What is the status of that process, I figured it had long been completed.

The migration from legacy groovy DTH to Edge drivers is still in progress


Just to clarify one point. Directly connected Zigbee or Z-wave devices would show Driver in More Options. Cloud-to-cloud integrated devices would not show Driver. For example, August locks using Wi-Fi would not show Driver.

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There are also Edge drivers for LAN connected devices that would have a driver option shown. Sonos devices, for instance, have Edge driver implementations.

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Yep… simply did not add it because I was replying in context to locks. :slight_smile:
Glad you mentioned it for other devices. :+1:

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Thank you all for the clarification and info. Sounds like one of my hubs has been transitioned and another has not yet. Glad to hear I don’t have to delete all my devices and can simply keep waiting for that process to complete.

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@RBoy With new (beta) drivers edge Rboy Is possible to create a routine for example that turn off the lights when the door is locked by pressing the Schlange button on the keypad (one touch lock) ?

The driver does report that information but the “routines” conditions aren’t sophisticated enough to utilize it yet.

We are working on an update which will give users the ability to use those advanced features through scenes and routines.

Routines are plenty sophisticated enough to handle the OP scenario if your driver exposed the lockCode or lockCodeName used to lock or unlock the lock. The Z-Wave lock Edge driver from @philh30 exposes the unlockCodeName as a trigger for Routines and I have built many Routines to have per user behaviors based on who unlocks the door. It’s a bit disingenuous to blame the lack of this capability in your driver on ST and/or the ST app.

The Z-Wave and Zigbee default handlers used by Edge drivers for locks assigns the lockCodeName “Master” to code 0 which is the lockCode returned in the event when the Schlage logo is pressed to lock the lock (one touch). You can see this in the History of the SLGA Smartapp in the ST app. The 3rd party tool Sharptools has a rule engine with the ability to utilize the event data directly and you can write rules that can include lockCode and/or lockCodeName in the conditions of a rule.

bep@debian10:~$ st devices:component-status 34
 #  Id             
 1  main (default) 
 2  settings       
? Select a component. 1
 Capability                           Attribute       Value                                                        
 lock                                 lock            "locked"                                                     
 battery                              battery         85 %                                                         
 platinummassive43262.unlockCodeName  unlockCodeName  "Locked"                                                     
 lockCodes                            codeLength      6                                                            
 lockCodes                            maxCodes        30                                                           
 lockCodes                            maxCodeLength                                                                
 lockCodes                            codeChanged     "4 unset"                                                    
 lockCodes                            lock                                                                         
 lockCodes                            minCodeLength                                                                
 lockCodes                            codeReport                                                                   
 lockCodes                            scanCodes       "Complete"                                                   
 lockCodes                            lockCodes       "{\"1\":\"Bruce and Teri\",\"2\":\"Gladys\",\"3\":\"Sean\"}" 
 tamperAlert                          tamper          "clear"                                                      

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@RBoy you need to expose it to routines. There is another driver around that does.

This are IF conditions in Routines

This are THEN actions in Routines

Also your driver said that some functions are not supported, that were supported with DTH, however they are supprted as other driver exposes them, and they work - tested.

RBOY driver

Other driver


The OP isn’t talking about setting the Interior Schlage button setting. He is talking about triggering Actions based on locking the door using the exterior Schlage logo on the keypad. lockCode and/or lockCodeName are not exposed when locking a lock by that driver. lockCodeName is exposed for unlocking the lock in that driver.

@h0ckeysk8er and @RBoy That is Lock and Leave function also available in other driver for Routines

Is rboy eventually going to produce a new RLA?

Setting the “Lock and Leave” function to be enabled/disabled is exposed in that other driver. What code or codeName is used to lock the lock is not exposed. What codeName is used to unlock the lock is exposed.