[OBSOLETE] Lock Manager

I have not.

Same here. Any solution @ethayer? :pray:

EDIT: It’s fixed. I changed the lock Device Type on the ST IDE to Z-Wave Lock (it was Z-Wave Lock Reporting before, for some reason…).

Now it works perfectly, thank you very much @ethayer !

Anyone know how to contact lockmanager.io person. For weeks I’ve been “registering” new account but never receive a login link to create account. Is lockmanager.io for real?

Lockmanager.io is a project of community developer @ethayer , who has been active in this community for six years, and shared a lot of code in that time. The project is an update of his previous Groovy lock manager, so that it can work with the new smartthings architecture. But it’s still in alpha, it hasn’t even been released to beta yet.

And he’s just one person. He hasn’t been active in the forum for about a week, but I don’t know whether that’s because he’s just busy, he’s sick, or he’s away.

Hopefully he will let us know soon.

Thx for the reply.

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I tried creating a new ID and still cannot verify @ethayer, any suggestions? I used Lock Manager for years before it became obsolete and would love to continue doing so.

Maybe ST has a cap on how many people can use a single endpoint as an installed app? @nayelyz ping?

EDIT: I could fix this issue on my end by providing custom subdomains for installs but it would take a bit to pivot that way.

I’m confused, the issue is that new users couldn’t verify their SmartApp because your endpoint didn’t get the POST with the confirmationUrl?

My hunch was that the endpoint for confirmation URL is still working on my side, but users are not able to verify the app because of a limit on number of app projects on a single URL, but I may be mistaken. I’ll test things tonight.


I assume the issue I’m having (see screenshots) is the same as above. Any update? Thanks

Screenshot 2023-02-08 at 18.18.50

By the way, I don’t know if you’re working on the backend on all this, but it seems to be working well for me. My daily codes are being added and deleted mostly on time. Thanks.

@ethayer Erik, any update on how to Verify App Registration? Should we just keep trying or is there any change that we need to do? Thanks

I’ve been testing it and it looks like it’s still working.

Are you making sure to use the api URL? It’s not the same as the URL you use to access lockmanager.io.

You should be using:

https://api.lockmanager.io to setup the webhook for the app.

If it still doesn’t work, I’d re-check the client key and secret key and maybe re-generate the keys and try again.

I’ve been trying to get this set up for a few days. I cannot get past the verification step, so I generated new keys, but I cannot get past the page in the lockmanager.io setup page where I enter the keys.

Any tips would be appreciated!

I had the right URL but re-generating and trying again worked. Adding a note on the instructions that there isn’t any feedback on the webpage that Client ID and Secret have been saved would help (or add the feedback) and that pressing next doesn’t do anything and the page will automatically advance to the next step after ST verifies the app I think will be helpful.

@ethayer Erik, couple of follow-up questions, will this take input from an iCal file and add and delete codes based on a calendar or is this very similar functionality to what Seam is providing through a WebApp but on the ST app instead? ie ability to manually schedule adds and deletes?

Just want to understand the functionality before turning off what I have now.


Managing codes with lockmanager.io is also done via a web page and not in the ST app. Adding your lock will delete all existing codes and will delete any codes added manually or via other apps. There does not appear to be any calendar import feature at this time.

Very true. I’m excited to see some demand for the app in general. It may not look like a lot now but it did take quite a bit of effort to get it to where it is.

The wizard process definitely needs help. The whole process is hacky, I don’t like it. I’ve been researching this past couple weeks about what my future with home automation will be and played around with some new stuff. There are other integrations that use webhook that use a different secret key auth pattern that is a lot more slick. The setup process needs re-work.

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Hi. I am wondering about the “lock is intializing”. Mine has been stuck at 4 of 30 for 2 days now. I think the 4 happened when I was messing with drivers and changes to the SmartThings driver for a bit until I saw it did not have many supported features for my lock. I went back to phil30 s. Would that cause it to stop? Any ideas how to get it to complete? Thanks for all your work and time spent on this. Chris

I’m disappointed that we won’t be able to use your app within the ST app to manage codes. Having to go to a separate website outside of the app will have a zero WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor). And since she manages our Airbnb’s, it will be my issue to have to deal with.

@ ethayer is it possible to change the number of digits in our codes in LockManager? I want to use four-digit codes as that’s what I am already using but last I checked I couldn’t find the ability to change this.