[OBSOLETE] Lock Manager

I still cannot get it to verify. I have regenerated codes, I have deleted the entire project and started fresh. I made sure the webhook is api. I’m not sure what other info I can provide in order to get help.

+1 to using 4 digit codes. I have 15 codes for my family and a few friends. I’m not keen on creating all new codes for them.

I used to use only 4 digits and had to switch to six so I just added 00 to the end of each user’s code. Your going to have to enter each user into Lock Manager anyway to get it to work so you can adjust codes then. I just told everyone to add 00 to what they’d been using. Of course, some didn’t pay attention so we had to open the door manually for them the first time after conversation. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah, I did think about doing that, but somewhere, about 5 years ago, I set the lock to only take 4 digit codes, and I don’t remember where I set that, so now I can’t set a 6 digit code for the lock at all. So, having the option to set 4 digit codes would help me out substantially! LOL For now, I’ve just created a “temp code” with the SmartThings Guest Access Lock app, so at least we can use the lock until I find where I set the code length or the LockManager is able to use 4 digit codes.

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@ethayer Just wanted to express gratitude for your many efforts both with the new lockmanager.io and the good old Lock Manager app. They have been great!

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Hey there, Not sure if I am doing something wrong, I have just setup, and installed everything I think correctly, however I am getting Lock is initializing. This could take some time. (0/30)
I have searched this, but I can’t quite figure out where I’m going wrong. Thanks.

I was a big user of Rboys Lum.
I’m looking forward to trying your latest app.
Thanks for making it.

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Questions for @ethayer : I got this all installed. I have two Yale locks (USA), both using the generic z-wave lock driver.

  1. It has been stuck on initializing for >12 hrs now. This doesn’t seem normal.
  2. It seems new codes must be 6 digits. Is this correct? Why? All my priors were 4 digits.

Ok. I’m confused as Fook. @ethayer seems the lock manager app I’ve been using your lock manager forever and loved it, technically my wife uses it for our STR.
so with all the stuff i read with Smart thing changes, Lock manager doesn’t work.
I’m 4 days away from a rental, and my wife can’t program codes.
I saw the article on lockmanager.io, and signed up. following the instruction says login to smartthings workspace, and follow. fail. get 400 error.
How do I get a smart lock app that we can create codes on our locks for renters?
It shouldn’t be this hard.

For simply creating codes, Smart Lock Guest Access (SLGA) will get the job done. It doesn’t have the fancy features of the previous lock Smartapps, but if you just need to create codes, it is simple and straight forward.

If it’s not already on your Favorites tab, go to the Life tab and click on the + in the upper right corner.

Issue is I have 3 locks. 1 I give codes to and the other 2 I don’t. I can’t seem to figure out how to remove those locks.


Lock codes in SLGA are added to individual locks separately. I have two locks in SLGA, one has a code for guests, the other doesn’t.

And that fails. Lock manager removed Only 2 locks show. The one I want does. 20 seconds later. This



If you were trying to add your locks to lockmanager.io and two migrated but one didn’t, it’s hard to know what state things are in.

For the one lock you are trying to add codes to 1) is it a Z-Wave lock; 2) what driver is being used for the lock; 3) can you manually lock/unlock using the ST app?

Lock manager io website won’t allow me to login. 400 error on the smart things developer siteso nothing is connected

These are all Schlage z wave locks and lists controller version 2.3.17-11
Attached is screen from the hub


Ok, I see that your lock is still using the legacy Groovy based Device Type Handler and not a Lua based Edge driver. SLGA is based on the new architecture and I believe makes calls to the APIs for capabilities that may not work for the old DTHs. That could be the source of the issue, but I never tested using SLGA with DTHs and don’t have any left running in that configuration to verify if I can recreate your same experience.

At this point, if you can migrate your lock to an Edge driver, that might be the most direct way to get things working for you again. Sorry I don’t have a better answer for you.

Are there instructions on migrated these? Move to an edge driver?


To switch a device from DTH to an Edge driver, you would need to remove the device from ST (exclude), add the appropriate Edge driver (or allow the stock driver to be installed) and add the device back. To add — Add Device > By device type > Z-Wave (when any device is z-wave).

I would suggest installing the following Edge driver for Schlage/Kwikset/others [ST EDGE] Z-Wave Lock PH - Devices & Integrations / Community Created Device Types - SmartThings Community. If you have a Schlage lock, there is a beta version in that channel that fixes lock code names being reset and exposes lockCodeName as a trigger in Routines.

There is no way to switch from IDE, ST app, CLI or API Browser+. Please do not attempt to edit devices in IDE - whether trying to convert to Edge or devices already using Edge drivers.

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The community FAQ should answer most of your questions:

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)

Hi, so I installed the lockmanager.io per the instructions and got that setup in my SmartThings. But when I go to install the app, I’m not seeing the Discover option above the Routines like in the picture. Did a update happen that I’m missing how to do it?