[OBSOLETE] Lock Manager

Hey Erik!

Thank you so much for this incredibly amazing suite of apps! I don’t want to distract from the current discussion but wanted to ping the thread to see if there was anyone else interested in a REST connector to update lock codes via an external interface? Please don’t worry about responding straight away if you are busy with higher priority stuff :slight_smile:

Hope all is well and again thank you! We’re really appreciating the time and effort saved by using your fantastic SmartApp(s).

Kind regards,

I just recently purchased a Kwikset 916 ZWave and installed the LockManager SmartApp. It took a little time, but everything seemed to be up and working correctly.

Then I noticed a problem with users and codes. I added three users via that app with keycodes. The first one was for myself in Slot 0, then two others in Slot 1 and 2 respectively. I tested the codes out and they worked. However, as soon as I closed and reopened the app, the users all disappeared. My code still worked on the lock, even though my user account had disappeared. The other user codes no longer worked however. I tried adding the same users several more times, but go the same result. Every time I closed the app and went back in, the users disappeared. Any thoughts?

Here’s an excerpt from the GitHub issue tracker about this kind of feature:

This opens up pandora’s box. One of the prime directives of this app is to have this run solely on the SmartThings platform, so that the security of the app is in the hands of SmartThings/Samsung. Opening up an API service for the app to handle third party actions, while a good feature request, opens up a gate for vulnerability outside of the SmartThings ecosystem. Perhaps this could be done using an optional oAuth system and a separate app… but this is a tred-lightly topic as I have been happily running all logic and actions on the SmartThings platform as a rule.

That being said, I am a webapp developer. This kind of thing isn’t completely off the table.

You’re probably trying to access the app from the marketplace, which is just installing more and more instances of the app to your platform. You should be accessing the app via the automation tab under ‘SmartApps’ You only go to the marketplace to install things.

Make sure you only have one installed instance of the app.

I have the 910 so it may be a different issue, but if I tried to use the app to set user 0 it created all kinds of problems for me. If I only use 1 and above it solved all my problems. It’s been quite awhile but if I remember correctly, slot 0 is a master code for manual programming. That may have been the issue.

if you set a user to burn will you get a notification they’ve used up their allocated number of uses?

Yes, it’s an issue/quirk with the locks, actually multiple issues across different locks models. There’s also the 254 issues with some locks apart from the 99 issue. We’ve patched them all up with the Enhanced Z-Wave Lock DH.

But I’m not sure if that DH has been tested with this new app Erik.

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Finally got around to doing the upgrade. Got to say, nice upgrade!

Also got the updated Schlage DTH as well, not sure what all the options there do.

Only if you have that user’s notifications turned on for user entry.

Awesome! Thank you for letting us know.

I’ll look into this myself on the ST Device handler. I’m hopefully getting a Yale soon for testing so I hope I can make the patch independently.

‘Lock and Leave’ turns on the single press lock on Schlage logo press. If it’s off, you have to enter a user code to lock the door.

The different alarm settings and sensitivity bar have to do with the tamper functions on the lock and when the internal alarm will trigger if some action is taken against the lock.

I’m not the author of the DTH, that was garyd9 who is no longer part of the ST community due to ST not delivering on some promises.


What about “Auto-Lock”?

Yea, I was using the GaryD drivers before I did the upgrade today. Same we lost such a great resource.

I donno. AHA! Like I said I didn’t write the DH. I THINK It’s a setting so that the lock automatically locks after a delay. This function is handled by the lock itself so it would auto-lock even if your network was down.

Does anyone have a Yale YRD240 with automations happening upon user unlocks?

I’m having an issue with the global and/or user setting for Disarm when user enters pin. The pin works and I have selected my disarm automation routine but it does not disarm. The lock unlocks fine. I am using a z-wave schlage touchscreen. Thanks!

Ok I was able to install the device handlers and then I went and changed my lock to Z-Wave Schlage Touchscreen Lock under my devices and I can unlock and lock it through the SmartThings app but when I go into the lock-manager under the setup options it just says the Lock is loading data and doesn’t do anything. I am using a Schlage BE469 lock. Let me know.

Hi Erik, thank you for your prompt response, much appreciated.

I will look at the issue you mentioned and read up a little bit more on the context. I appreciate the concern that you describe and I share similar concerns myself. The oauth mechanism does seem however to be a workable and appropriate route to address the security issues. I played around a little bit with the SmartTiles app to get a sense for how SmartThings “felt” using an external interface to control it and found that it was fairly straightforward to control access using oauth tokens.

Our main concern now is to find out how to more efficiently bulk update many locks which are located on many separate hubs. I was on the phone with Kwikset a couple of days ago and they told me that running many hubs is better in terms of network robustness than running a single hub which would rely on a bunch of repeaters. This means that we have to manually update many smart apps when users rotate. In our environment rotations happen fairly frequently so I am on the hunt for some kind of automated solution so that I can continue to use your fantastic smart app.

Thanks again for your help and all of the hard work you’ve done on this great software.



Thats the same lock I have.
And it just works for me.
Are you sure your using the right DTH.
It should look like this.

I’ve had more time to play with this app and it really is great.

There are two things missing that would really be killer additions.

  1. Notification if a legitimate code is attempted outside of permitted scheduled times or mode(s)
  2. Ability to restrict a code to more than one mode at a time. Right now you can only pick one mode.

Thanks for any consideration!

Which DTH are you using? I tried both garyd9 : Z-Wave Schlage Touchscreen Lock and ethayer : Z-Wave Lock Reporting and does the DTH need to be published in the app?

Both are stuck at lock is loading.

Z-Wave Schlage Touchscreen Lock
this is the one you get from “Gethub” Repo — lock-manager (master)

have you read this?

Yep I have read the UserGuide and it helped me setup everything except for the user information.

Go into the lock settings page within Lock Manager and click done. This should re-initialize your lock.

If that doesn’t work, if you change the device type AFTER installing the Lock within Lock Manger, I suggest uninstalling the Lock Child-App and then re-installing it.