[OBSOLETE] Leviton VRCZ4-MRZ 4 button scene controller (again)

Thanks @mwav3 this is great! I had just 30 minutes to try it out so far, but it seems to mostly work, both with WebCoRE and that Smart Lighting app. I did run across a bug, and I’m not exactly sure how I triggered it, but here is the log excerpt:

08f0e168-c825-4054-b572-9d262c18f0d6 10:54:51 AM: error Failed to build Behavior groovy.lang.GroovyRuntimeException: Ambiguous method overloading for method java.util.ArrayList#addAll.
Cannot resolve which method to invoke for [null] due to overlapping prototypes between:
[interface java.util.Collection]
[interface java.lang.Iterable]
[interface java.util.Iterator] @line 323 (buildBehaviors)

I’ll try to reproduce. I do understand the complaint.

So far things seem to still be slow and the LEDs are not quite right, but let me keep experimenting and I’ll update.

Thanks again!

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That bug looks like a “null” value went into that configuration method. I’ve had issues with null values in preferences with other handlers. Even if you default a value in the code, its value remains “null” until you toggle all the settings. Was this error before you toggled all the settings or did it show up later? If it showed up later there could be some other problem with the code.

So were the LEDS working fine before? If that’s the case, I updated the other handler you originally posted with the new button values and sent you a pull request on github to update yours. After updating, you will need to go to preferences and toggle the “force settings update/refresh”. This will trigger the updated() and configure() methods and update the button values. Also you can get it from link below.

This Leviton device seems to have caused many headaches over the years, including working with Hubitat and Homeassistant from looking at their forums. It seems to have some proprietary Leviton controls in addition to the Zwave functions. I’m not fully understanding all the ins and outs of how it works, and don’t have one, so it can be a little difficult to troubleshoot further. Hopefully the update to one or both handlers can give you the functionality you at least had before.

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@mwav3 I’ll try those changes to the original handler thanks!

I’m thinking I should consider just replacing the controllers. I was looking for some kind of touch screen but didn’t find much. Are there four button scene controllers or just button panels that are known to work well?

Sorry for the newby question… but doesn’t this device handler also require a smartapp in order to work? I had this working for years then it stopped working about a year ago. Was really hoping to get this up and running again. My previous smartapp doesn’t seem to work which doesn’t surprise me. If you could offer some assistance that would be greatly appreciated.


Unfortunately at the time I updated the DTH either smartlighting or webcore would be required to use the handler, and im not sure if anyone even confirmed if it was working or not with those smartapps. I stopped using Smartthings several months ago and I’m keeping all the handlers up on my github, but I’m out of the loop on the latest about what is going on and and won’t be doing anymore updates on them. The future of all smartapps is up in the air right now with the Groovy ide being phased out, so I don’t know if smartlighting or webcore still work, or if they do, how much longer they will or even if they would be worth installing at this point. Possibly someone else can chime in if they have more info.

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