Leviton VRCS4-M0Z $114 (4 button zwave wallmount scene controller)

This is a mains powered wall mount zwave Device which replaces a light switch but does not control that circuit branch. Instead, it has four buttons which can be used with smartthings as a button controller.

It normally costs around $150, but it looks like SmartHome.com ( which caters mostly to Insteon owners) may be clearing out some of its Z wave inventory. Anyway, they’re selling it for $114, which is a good price for this device.

Note that this is the “S” model, not the “Z” model, which for technical reasons works better with SmartThings. You will need the following custom device type handler, though.

And here’s a discussion thread about it:


Since this is a mains power device, you won’t have the problem that some of the battery powered devices have where if you haven’t used them for a week or so you have to press the buttons an extra time in order to wake up the device.

There are a lot of people who like this device but don’t like its price. So here’s a sale. :sunglasses:

One more note: this is the M0 version. That means it does not include an internal relay to control the switch that it’s replacing. It only communicates wirelessly. Leviton did make a different version, the MR (“R” for relay), but that one is very difficult to find.


Hi. Thanks for your post and the info - I attempted to set up this device but ST only can see button press for button 1. Any thoughts to what I might be doing wrong?

Did you set it up with Button Controller app?
I don’t have one of these, but with my experience every button device has to be set up in it’s own instance of button controller.

Yes - the device handler and the smartapp - the recent events of the device only see button 1 press. I assigned all 4 buttons to different devices in the smartapp but only the first one works because only the first button press is “seen” by ST.

Did you ever solve your problem? I just installed mine per the above instructions and only the first button is doing anything.